Inspired to Romeo and Juliet, fasle starts, and the drawing of a burning heart.

the danger in loving

broken down the
center of the
universe, love so
fair kills the
other half of
the lonesome
heart and
dooms forever the
others to an
passion with
the other
and unknowingly
falter at the
last second
to bring about
the downfall
of the two and
all those after
the sordid affair
with passion and
faith and love for
another until the
very earth collapses
under the burden of these
unspoken emotions and
when they are whispered into
the night and heard by another
the ground will shake and
life will fail and
all things will stop and
feel so
c o l d
that not even the
thickest blankets nor
the finest made clothes
can restore heat to the
unfeeling world
and all the ice will melt only
when the first strains of
the song of passion are
again played and only
then will the earth be hot
and thick and full of the
very emotions of love that
once doomed it to an
eternity of ice and
the lovers meet again
and the flame is rekindled
and the earth is doomed again
and they know this, but would
do it all again in a second if
only to feel that first kiss