Confusing Love and Hate

- - -

You might not like this poem because of the confusing way i wrote it, but i was pretty much confused when i was actually writing it. lol. still am. btw, it's sort of like a rap. i imagined eminem sayin it and it sorta worked. read and review plz?

- - -

Have you ever loved and hated someone so much at the same time?

Wanted to say 'I love you', wanted to claim you're mine,

Then wanted to smash their face and finally scream,

'I hate you!' you spiteful, jealous, dysfunctional machine!

I could grab you round the neck and throttle you in a minute,

Slit your throat, poke your eyes and deafen you for definite.

Or on the other hand, I could hug you and hold you really close,

Kiss that cheek, stroke that hair, and forget about the overdose.

I'm confused as to what I feel, why you act the way you do,

I want to know why you're so flipping angry and deceivingly untrue.

Constantly complaining, you moan your head off all the time,

I hate you! I love you! I don't care anymore if you shine,

I'm gutted, I admit it, that you get on my nerves day and night,

I hate our relationship, I never want you in my sight.

But the pity is, that I can't chose who my relations are,

So stay away from me, get lost and disappear really far!

Since the time I met you, my life has gone downhill,

It's a living hell, cages me and holds me really still,

I don't give a damn anymore, about what you believe and what you do,

I'm past the stage but I can't decide whether I love you, or I hate you.