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I'll always love my mother…

"Good morning birthday girl!" said the voice as it entered her ears. She opened her eyes to see her mother standing over her with a large grin. "I've got something for you."

"What is it?" Marilyn asked while she sat up. Her mother walked over to the near by dresser. She came back and handed her a picture, the picture was of a man with a thin mustache dressed in a nice suit. She looked up at her mother who was still grinning.

"Who is this?" she asked. Her mother sat down next to her and said, "Why, that's your father."

Marilyn's eyes lit up at her mother's words. "Really?"

"Yes, really." Her mother said while standing up. "That isn't all I have for you, Marilyn. Come here."

"Wait!" Marilyn called to her mother as she began walking to the other room. Her mother turned to look at her and Marilyn looked at her mother, took a deep breath then asked, "Will I ever get to meet my father?"

Her mother turned towards her and said, "You father is a busy man. You'll be lucky to even receive one letter from him."

"Oh…" was all Marilyn could say.

"Now then," her mother said turning towards the living room. "Follow me if you want the other part of your present."

Her mother walked into the living room and Marilyn followed. Once she entered the room, she found her mother holding up a frilly pink dress. "Take off your clothes and put on."

Marilyn removed her night clothing and took the dress from her mother. Once she got it on, she looked down and saw that it didn't even go down to her knees. She looked up at her mother, who now had placed her hand on her chin.

"Well, it doesn't fit but the most famous female child stars have worn this dress. I went through a lot of trouble to get the studio to let me borrow this dress, so just go with it."

My mother, Shanel Ago, worked at a movie studio. She developed film there in the studio. She developed film there in the studio. She had met many stars and tried her hardest the make my life a bit as glamorous as theirs, even with her sudden bursts of anger, usually taken out on me, she did make my childhood a almost normal one.

"Now, don't you go thinking this is all I have for you. Come with me back into the bedroom!" Shanel said leading her daughter back into the bedroom. Marilyn placed herself back on the bed, her mother walked over to the dresser once again, but this time opened it. She took out a china doll, with strawberry blonde hair much like her mother's and Marilyn's. She gave Marilyn the doll and Marilyn stared at it in awe. Marilyn saw she had hazel eyes much like her own.

"When I saw her, I thought of how much she looked like you. I hope you like it Marilyn, it cost me a lot." Shanel told her daughter with a small grin on her face.

"I love it. Thank you, Mother." Marilyn said holding the doll close to her.

That doll was the nicest thing my mother ever gave me. I loved that doll very much, mainly because it actually showed me that my mother really did love me.

That night, after they ate dinner, Shanel surprised Marilyn with a cake. After Shanel sang happy birthday to her, she cut the cake. As they were eating, Marilyn got cake on the dress. When Shanel saw this, the happy moment they had been sharing all day was gone.

"You little shit! How could you?!" Shanel exploded at her daughter.

"It was an accident! I didn't-" Marilyn, before she even finished her sentence, was met by a slap in the face. Marilyn did not cry, she just breathed heavily from the shock.

"You need a bath." She said grabbing Marilyn by the arm and pulling her into the bathroom. She turned on the water and it started pouring out. Shanel took the dress off Marilyn and looked at the stain again.

"I can't believe you did this! You selfish bitch!" she picked up Mairlyn and shoved her into the tub.

"It's too hot! Mother!!!" Marilyn complained to her mother only to be met with another slap.

"Shut up!"

Marilyn continued to whimper as the water burned her skin.

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