False Identity

Who are you?
Do you know?
If I took off the mask
Would you even be there?
You've created a front:
A model
Of who you want to be.
But based on whose ideas?
Do you believe in what you say?
This is beyond pretending –
Being something you're not.
This is murder.
You've killed who you are.
You don't even know anymore.
Who are you?
I know you have an answer …
But this is just a fantasy.
If you would come into yourself …
You would be so beautiful.
I don't know how to tell you.
You feel secure.
But only because you've ignored
The problem.
It's painful to watch.
To see you live like this.
I can see the problem.
So why can't you?
You're not just hurting yourself.
You're hurting me too.