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The Prophecy of Gemma William: The Girl Born Hundred Years Before

Chapter 4: WARNING: Chapter contains TRAGEDY! ZOMG!

They were just sitting there, watching the stars and listening to the fire crackle behind them. It was a peaceful night and they didn't have to act immediately on entering the Dragon Caves. Of course, hearing the chanting of Arcane Monks walking single file down into one of the caves sparked their attention.

"What are they doing?" Kevin asked. They kneeled behind a rock trying to stay out of sight. The monks entered the cave with their torches.

"What do you think?" Gemma snapped excitedly. "They're going to perform an Arcane Ritual!"

"Don't those require… Virgin sacrifices?" Gemma's face paled in the moonlight. Kevin heard her whisper 'oh crap.' She had forgotten about that. Now Kevin wasn't sure if he wanted to watch this ritual. He turned to go but Gemma grabbed his arm.

"You're gonna leave without saving her?" she questioned him with an icy glare. Kevin opened his mouth to explain himself, but then he closed it, thinking better of it. they were going to save that Virgin.

"Gemma, they're Arcane Monks. They could kill us!" it was a fact, but when had facts like that stopped her? "Let's at least not go in there without a—" Gemma was already running down to the cave's entrance. "—plan." Kevin groaned and ran after her. Once inside the cave the quickly ducked behind a boulder to wait for the right moment. The Virgin hadn't even been revealed yet but they knew she was there. The monks were gather around another large entrance that went even deeper into the cave, but they didn't go into it. Instead they chanted more and called out for one of the Seven Dragon Lord's to come forth, Lord Sylph of the wind.

After calling out his name, the dragon emerged from within the entrance depths and stood towering before the monks.

"Oh Lord Sylph of the winds!" the leader of the monk cried out to call the dragon's attention. "We bring thou Virgin Sacrifice upon our request!" Lord Sylph breathed deeply before speaking.

"What is thou's desire of me?" his voice rumbled on the cave walls. He sounded… bored.

"Grant us the power of the Gods!" the leader revealed the naked Virgin behind him, tied and bound so not to run or speak. "Grant us this so we may rule over the masses of Phairune!" Lord Sylph considered it then sealed the deal by granting it upon the devour of the Virgin's flesh. Gemma twitched to act and sprung forth as the dragon lowered his jaws to the girl. Kevin followed after her, but he knew what was going to happen.

The Virgin died of fright before Lord Sylph had even clenched his jaws around her fragile frame. The sickening crunch of bone and tear of flesh made Gemma's and Kevin's stomach's churn. Gemma cried out, alerting the monks but Lord Sylph growled from deep within his throat after consuming the Virgin.

"She was not a Virgin!"

"My Lord Sylph!" the leader shook in terror that the girl had been rejected. "She was a virgin upon capture!"

"Do not lie to me more, monk!" Kevin barely had enough time the jump upon Gemma to knock her down as the dragon's tail swept away the monks. Crushing their bodies on the cave walls. Gemma's body shook with tears, but she pushed Kevin off of her and stood up, angrily facing the dragon.

"You monster!" she cried. Lord Sylph looked down at her blankly.

"Good eve Child of the Prophecy. I trust you are well?"

"Don't flatter me you monster! You killed an innocent girl!"

"My apologizes, but it is our way."

"Sorry to interrupt this but," Kevin stood wiping off his robes. "I recalled you declaring she wasn't a Virgin?"

"Yes Master Monk. The girl had successfully sold her soul to the demons during her capture. Heh, she'd rather be damned then let the monks plans come true." Kevin nodded. He looked to Gemma who was still struggling with her tears.

"If you it would ease you, Child of Prophecy, you can accompany in wishing her soul peace in the after life." Lord Sylph's voice was kind and Gemma was confused. "We Dragon Lord's often pray for the maiden's souls after consummation, a way to ease our conscious after defiling poor girl's. I myself hate it."

"Why do you do it then? If you hate it?" she demanded. Lord Sylph sighed.

"I do not know, Child. It is the will of the God's for us to act so. Although, after your triumph in the Day of Damnation, you could change those ways."

"What? Lord Dragon I am a hundred years early before that day. How could I change your ways if I wont even live to my prophesized day?"

"Are you sure your are that early? It may be just another part of the prophecy the humans have misinterpreted. You do that from time to time." Both Gemma and Kevin stared at him. it was hard to believe but… maybe.

"Now, let us pray upon the lost girl's soul so she may rest in peace." In the silence, all three prayed upon the maiden's soul wishing her peaceful rest. After their silence Lord Sylph spoke again. "I bid you two goodnight this eve, and I have request for you Child of Prophecy."

"Yes Lord Dragon?"

"During your triumph of the Day of Damnation, grant me the life of a human."

"Why Lord?"

"I grow tired of this long, long Dragon's life. I wish to discover the short life of a mortal."

"But what of your position as Lord of the wind?" Kevin asked.

"The other Dragon Lord's will find me my replacement." Lord Sylph looked at Gemma expectantly until she nodded.

"I grant your request, I just wish I could figure my destiny out now. You have lead me to believe I'm not as early as everyone believed."

"You'll encounter that many times during your travels, Child of Prophecy. Now I bid you goodnight."

"Sleep well Lord Dragon." They exited the cave still pondering the events of the night.

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