All that echoes
Into these young ears
Are yells and fights
Can't you see it?
Can't you read my eyes?
All the arguing is breaking me
You two were supposed to be strong
Hold out until I'm older
But you're tearing apart
Which tears me apart.


yells are all that happens at night
What happened to those dreams?
The dreams of a happy family
What was it you used to tell me?
forever and ever. a family true.
can't you see the pain?
the fights are breaking me apart.

"It's OVER!"

oh great.
even more screams
are you just trying to kill me?
yeah. I'm just a kid.
but you two are supposed to show me
that everything will be alright.
how can I trust you when all you do is
F.I.G.H.T with each other.
Can't you stay calm?

"Pack your bags! Your out!"

You told me I would forever have you two
but forever ends on this horrible night.
I still can't believe that the "perfect family"
is being torn apart in a few mere minutes
as I hold this picture near my heart
how about you take back the "perfect family"
and correct it?


"Leave now. I never want to see you again."

Break a heart. The end is now