Animal Farm

For though we cannot be saved

When the sheep are controlled

And all other animals overthrown


As the pig silently sleeps

We cry and we weep.


He was just a combination of cruelty and cheap wine

With too much hate in his veins and too much power on his mind.

The eloquent speaker of a well trained circus.

Deaf to lies but we are forced to listen anyhow


He burned the crops and asked us with sweat and blood to rebuild them again.

And we prayed for the rebellion never to have taken place

We wished for the times when the crops belonged to us

And the tyranny didn't carry the name of "Communism"

As the pig peacefully eats

We starve and we flee


And we are caught and we are trapped

In our own little rebellion.

He asks the dogs to watch for us

They hunt and kill us

Their main goal is to take the traitors to the mausoleum


As the pig aimlessly speaks

We scream and we creak


We bolt the doors and we arch in our tombs

There are pictures in every barn

We can't pray and we can't drop the bomb

The revolution has turned to a joke

We retreat on his purges

Then we feel the urge to break the rules

And grab a knife and then just…


As the pig painfully dies

We smile and we rise