Awakening: Spring's Arrival

The night fades into daylight

Birds everywhere sing in chorus

They welcome the morning sun

Though the air is still cold

The warmth of the sun feels wonderful on the skin

The world is awakening from winter

It shouts "Spring is coming !"
The dreary days have vanished

The sprouts burgeon forth, ready to bloom

Soon the world will be blanketed in color

It's a miracle I never tire of

And never cease to be amazed by

Nature's way fascinates me

And I always learn something new from her

I too awake after the long winter

My body revitalizes

I thank God for the beauty I am able to see

Another spring to enjoy gives me pause to be grateful

Pleased to be alive, healthier and wiser

Euphoric that I have been blessed

And continue to be blessed with each new dawn.