I just wrote this today, after my mom yelled at me for being online…heh, looks like some good can come out of that…

What's Fair?

Life sometimes seems unfair:

You think that you want to end it all,

To get it over with,

To die before it gets worse,

That it's only going to get worse.

But no one ever thinks that life

Might actually get better,

Not worse, like most say.

There always is someone worse off then you.

Just look at the beggar on the street,

Ratty clothes hanging off a bony skeleton,

Holding out his silver platter,

Begging for a dollar, or anything

That would get him through the day.

His life is worse off then most,

But yet there is even more that is worse then that.

Mothers who are homeless,

With their starving, gaunt children,

They prance on the street corners,

Trying to show off whatever they have,

Trying to let their children have a future.

We think we have it bad,

But then there's Africa,

Full of AIDS, full of hunger, full of despair.

Some people there might want to end their lives,

But they don't, since most of them are going to

Die anyway.

Die, just like they families did,

Just like people like us wanted to.

You think we have it bad.

What about them?