Sometimes I'm just like my father, I hate to be bothered

Still that gives people no right to live with their ass on their shoulders

It makes me sick to see people be asses just to do it just for some cheap thrill

If it was up to me, they will be the next victims I kill

I beg you stay away

When my rage takes over I'll make you all pay

Can't you hear me? I want to be alone

My problems are mine; I'm sure you have a fair share of your own

If I want to tell you then I would answer my phone

I'm sorry if I won't let you wield my sword

I'm a lone wolf; I fight my own battles and pray to my Lord

Sure I know I can become a devil too

Heck, this ability is within all of you too

We're human, we all must remember and we get mad more times than I can figure

Still it's always will be someone around you to force you to activate your "devil trigger".