I still remember the way I was scared of you, the first time you stormed into the music room, I should've stayed with my gut feeling. I instantly placed you as one who would be with the rest of the class. Annoying for the people who wanted to be there, uncaring and interruptive. I think it was around the end of the second lesson when you first talked to me. You stood there watching me at the piano attempting to learn "Evanescence – My immortal". I never did finish learning that.

I remember the day you asked me about my current relationship and told me "news spreads fast when you're unknown". I suppose that worried me. Made me feel that people knew I was there, even when I was hiding.

Most of the rest is blurry. You wondered where I'd been when I'd missed lessons and questioned me on chat of why I felt the way I did. Sometimes I wonder why you don't try and be a psychiatrist but then again, other points I'm glad you don't. You don't understand people well and jump to conclusions easily. Also you're too temperamental as I found out. I remember sitting next to Louise, and her noticing the scratches. You instantly took it upon yourself as if it was your problem and not mine. You didn't help much though apart from getting me to stop. You just made it worse.

The first time I skipped school was with you. Me, little "good girl" skipped school with the "bad boy" of the school. Everyone was asking about it the next day. We'd just sit in your room and talk while Evanescence and Maroon 5 sang melodies in the background. You'd start tickling me and as soon as we ended up in some sort of compromising position Sarah would walk in then, I was happily with another guy at that point yet I really didn't know what was going on.

I never did tell that guy I cheated on him. I just broke up with him, and he took it well, though he doesn't know to this day what happened.

I think this were okay between May, when we got together, till November at Phil's house. You refused to leave knowing I was staying there for another 2 hours. You said you didn't trust him, what person doesn't trust there best friend with there girlfriend. I suspected then that it was me you didn't trust that you didn't want me sitting there with him alone. I think it was then everything started to corrupt.