After the incident at Phil's house you soon started checking my E-mails, watching me on MSN and reading my texts. When I said no, you would act as if I had offended you and had something to hide.

One of the main fights we had was after I met Chris. "No-one texts a girl that much when they've just met them, unless they have ulterior motives" No matter how much I protested you still decided Chris was looking to steal me from you. We didn't talk all day, but every time my phone rang you would look at me with an evil stare asking if it was my "boyfriend" I was so hurt you would consider me being with someone else, I was so sure you were The One.

After that I didn't like going to his house, though part of me wanted to. Just to show you I still had freedom and I could do what I wanted. I went out and would try and have fun, to have you calling me asking if it was all okay, what we were doing and who were around. If I ever mentioned Chris was there, that was it you would demand I would go home, even if you weren't going to be around. "Just so I know you're safe" Yet pointing out I was safer there than walking across town normally resulted in you not speaking to me for a few days and being disappointed.

One day I was sat on the floor next to the bed, while you were sat on it, using the computer. I turned around to talk to you and leant against the bed. You looked at me so disgusted and said you could see down my top and that I was flaunting my body way too much. After that you would always check what I was wearing before I went out. Even if it was to go to college I was never allowed to wear tight jeans, or vest tops. It was always baggy male jeans and t-shirts 2 sizes too big, preferably long sleeves. I hated them. I felt so ugly and as if you didn't want me to wear anything to make me pretty for you. But in my heart I thought you were right.

The day we broke up is vivid in my mind. The night before you'd as always convinced me to have sex, which I didn't want, and you were living my house so I couldn't hide. We'd gone to school as normal; I'd faked everything as normal and no-one talked to me as you wouldn't let them. On the way home we'd walked past Adam. I'd always cared about him, you knew I did but after we'd seen him you wouldn't stop going on about him, questioning when was the last time I saw him and other stuff. You then brought up Chris again and I lost it. I told you I wanted to break up, and I was sick of you controlling me.

By this point we were in my room and I vividly remember No Doubt in the background. I still think of you when that song plays. I lay on my bed as you sat across the room crying. You wandered over asking for a hug and you placed your arms around my neck. As you pulled away your hands moved their instead and they tightened…but I didn't struggle. Your constant shouting and torments made me feel like I deserved it. I lay there thinking "This is what I deserve, this should happen he's right" I know now I didn't but I still just lay there. Luckily my mother shouted up and I turned to you and told you to get out of my room as I wanted to get changed. You protested so I walked out and went to Chris's crying and still in uniform. He let me borrow some clothes and hugged me till I felt better. I didn't feel right in his arms. I felt like I was going to be hurt again, you had destroyed the trust I had in him.

This was 2 years ago now. And I have never been happier to be out of your grasp. I still can't trust people near my neck and get scared someone's going to do the same as you; I will never forget what you did. I was 14 and you destroyed me and my life. There will always be scars that make me think of you and the constant reminders from my mother, who doesn't believe it happened…One day I will be able to walk up to you, and show you that you have no hold over me.

One day…