For Those Waiting-Revised.

Oh, my loves, do you sigh?
Oh, my heart, do you weep?
Oh, my morning, do you come?
Oh, my heart, do you leap?

Do you rise again within me
At the sound of distant drums
At the sound of mother calling
Her ever-distant sons

Do you live again within me
For the dream that never dies!
For the sound of heaven calling
Those dreamers making truth of lies

Oh, my loves, yet do you weep?
----Then weep no more.
Oh, my heart, yet do you sleep?
----Then sleep no more
Oh, my morn, yet do you rise?
----Yea, rise again!
Oh, my heart, yet do you fly?
----She flies again!

Okay, that's about it. This is a new style for me and it relies more on speech, so it'd be great if you tried reading it aloud, to see if it's any different. The dashes imply a call-and-response feel, but not necessarily another reader. I would've just indented those lines, but stupid FP won't let me. Please R&R, I appreciate it!