You asked me once why I bother. Why do I bother fighting, living, and breathing for people who couldn't care less what happens to me? You asked me once what was so special about these people in this world who, besides their loathing for me and their utter ignorance of what I've done, have nothing uncommon about them.

You asked me why I fight for kids who will grow up to be crack addicts. Why I fight for kids who will grow up to be obese, lazy, old asses who meld to their couches and eat Hungry Man every day. Why I fight for people who don't give a damn about themselves or me.

Why do I fight for them? Because I can. There's no other answer.

Because I know than not every one of those kids will become addicted to something, and even if they do, not every kid is going to fall beyond my reach. Because I know that comfort can turn into a vise and, someday, those Hungry Man dinners will get old and that person on that couch will have to struggle to get back up and live again. Because I know that, even though they don't give a damn, they give their lives and someone has to be ready to catch them when they do.

I used to think people were insufferable, too. But then I started to love them anyway. And, over time, you get used to the disgust on their faces and you can learn to look past it and see the good in everyone.

And then there are the good people out there. The ones who take care of orphans, the ones who fight for their countries, the ones who protect their people. They aren't all bad. You just have to look a little deeper to find them, that's all.

You asked me once why I fight for people with no dignity, people who would sell their souls for a dimebag or a whore, why I fight for the overweight and the lazy, the ones who tell me to leave them alone but condemn me for it when I do. I fight because I have dignity, and I have a soul, and I have a heart. And I'll fight for those dimebag whores and soulless street filth. I'd die for them, if that was what it took to save one.

That's the meaning of dignity. That's the meaning of honor. And that's why I refuse to back down.