People Come and People Go

People come and people go,

Meetings of joy, partings of sorrow,

But which one a seed will sow,

That, we'll never know.

Some may leave but a fleeting touch,

Softer than the lightest feather,

Whilst others affect us so much,

They're embedded in our very character,

People come and people go,

But who will change us,

We'll never know.

Some meetings are but one in a multitude,

Whilst others are precious in their solitude,

Some are inconsistent as the waves,

Whilst others are the ones we treasure and save,

People come and people go,

But who will make a difference,

We'll never know.

Some are but shadows against the walls,

Some are but voices in a myriad of calls,

Some are but a ripple in a calm pool,

Or some are but a thin string in a thick spool.

Others however leave a mark,

To our flame, they are the spark,

To our mind, they are our memories,

And in our hearts, they stay for centuries.

People come and people go,

Who stays and who leaves,

We'll never know.