Life as we know it!

Chapter 1

By: Tetsuya Hurley

"Hi! Guys my day has been horrible so far today I saw my crush too, Justin" says mark with an excited face, but then it fades when he sees his crush kiss the school slut,

"Oh my gosh why is he kissing that slut?" mark says with a jealous face and balled up fist, but before any of the friends could answer he started up again, "How dare she, she's such a, such a, such a, slut!"

"Are you done" says Tara with a shocked face (being sarcastic) really since when. "Ya know funny not a good look on you" says Mack with a girly voice and a swish of his hip (he's not really like, femme it was a joke), but then Tara laughs and punches mark. "Why are you tripping out you know they go together, we go though this every day, stop being such a drama queen" says Tara with a semi-serious face.

"Dud as much as I want to hear you go gaga over some wussy tennis player, can we change the subject…" Says Jason with a kind of face that says you're weird.

"Yeah dido" says Ryan with the same face "It's almost time to go to class and I don't want to leave talking about boys" says Ryan in a teasing voice, then he winks and laughs with Jason(their not really asshole like they seem their actually two of marks best friends).

"Nock it of you too this is serious" Mark says in a winy voice. "Yeah give Mark some attention" says Tara still laughing at the so called "joke".

"Ring" "Their goes the bell I guess I'll see you guys at the mall right the usual spot?" ofcourse they all say and leave Mark their in the hall, still thinking about the kiss and how he wished he was that slut.

Right then the whole school seemed to slow down just for him as he stood their just thinking. A slight nudge nock's him out of his moment and he realizes that he's let,

"Crap" Mark screams, and runs to his next class (where he was late I might add and get detention). O.k. I start the class all wrong crap now everyone is looking at me, ok play it cool and just go with the flow, just sit down, Mark thinks. Mr. Adams will never catch me. Wam, bam, boom he falls over one of the empty desk and lands flat on his face and when he gets up Mr. Adams is standing right over him with a most unpleasant face and an evil twinkle in his eye's, "Mr. Minks what do you think your doing sneaking into my class for the tenth time I guess you like spending time with me in detention" and with a weird face he walks back up to the bored an continued his lesson. "Another beautiful day in the land of the free!" Mark says and smiles and goes to his seat.

The end of chapter one