.The feeling.

Whenever I talk to you,

I get this feeling,

Its like..Theres so much to do

I could dance, talk, and sing

Without being judged at all

You make me smile

When sad, I know who I can call

The feeling I get, sticks onto my for a while

Its not a bad feeling, its actually good

This feeling I get makes me happy

You're the only one who ever understood

This feelin' ain't sappy

This feeling is..grand, and lovely

Words cannot explain my feelings for you

So here, I give you the key,

The key to my heart, I trust you, you haven't a clue

You are my one and only

Special and unique

You never seem to let me feel lonely

With you, I feel that I can actually speak

That feeling I get when I'm with you

Is special, and I hope it never goes away

And yes, its true

I love you, and thats how this feeling shall stay