The first thing I noticed was that she had the biggest, saddest green eyes I'd ever seen. They shimmered with the effort of trapping tears in; making them larger then I'd ever thought possible. The second thing I noticed was that she also had the biggest tits Id ever seen. Wow, hot and vulnerable. This was my lucky day.

"Damn, girl, you alright?" The head tilt. The soft voice. She was mine for sure. Or so I'd thought.

She looked up at me; her bottom lip trembling. At first I thought she was going to break up, when the next thing I knew she'd spat right up at me.

"Fuck off, Johnny," Ouch. She knew my name; this was not good. Whenever I met a girl who knew my name before I knew theirs, it never had a happy ending.

"I'm I know you? Only I thought I would have remembered such a pretty-"

"I said: Fuck. Off. Johnny," It was almost disturbing how much hatred she managed to pack inside my name. My mind was racing; why didn't I recognise her?

"Well if you're sure you're ok...?"

"Oh I'm fucking fantastic, me, just fucking fan-tastic!" This time she really did break up. Her whole face seemed to collapse in on itself until she was just one trembling mass of hysterics. I knelt down onto the floor so I could sweep back the strands of blonde hair dangling in front of her face.

"Only I hate to see such a pretty girl so upset,"

She wasn't a bad kisser. In fact it felt kind of unfair to rate her when she'd been crying half the time we were making out anyway. I gave up in the end, trying to go further. I just got her number and promised to see how she was tomorrow. I probably wouldn't though. I mean, I had a date in the afternoon; so if that went wrong then I might, but otherwise it was more of a plan B. My rule was always to have at least one in the bank before a date; my insurance policy, I called them.

installments are short, but they usually come in two to make up for it.