remember all those late nights?
staying up way light just talking?
'friends forever. i promise'
we swore that through all times
we would forever be friends.
todays one of those days
i need that long lost buddy
where were you when i needed you?
how about we go back and stay up
talking on the phone about school
and giggling and helping each other

"forever and ever. I sware."

well it's been forever since we've talked
you are over there cheering and giggling
about the latest boy craze or the top craze
while I sit in the stands and watch you
I came to cheer you on cuz i told you i would
but you don't even look up as you yell
and kick up the team spirit
I've seen you wave at the latest boyfriend
and wink and such. not even one look at me
it's such a shame that we lost the friendship.

"i'll love you no matter what. best friends."

oh what lies. you're newest best friend
is standing next to you as you yell and cheer

"let's go team! stand up and root! we'll win it!"

I stand up, I cheer, I smile. You think I'm happy
but obviously I'm not because I lost my best friend
to someone you barely know.

"meet me after the game!"

you told me earlier. that's why I went.
i'm standing here before you
and you hug on me, crying
I ask you what's wrong... you don't talk

"they did it. they hurt me. you were right."

finally you listen. all those days I told you they were fake
even though you pretend to be BEST FRIENDS
during the whole game. not even looking towards me.

"i'm so sorry. you know you're the best."

oh what lies. I'm shocked you're even talking to me
because I don't fit your "friend criteria"
as in cheerleader or jock and no band geeks.

"You will always be my friend. no matter what."

lemme here that come from you again.
whenever you're a senior
top cheerleader. prom queen.

"stop being that way! i promise you forever!"

I know you're going to go back to your other friends
right after you finish talking. hell, there they are now.
you hug me then skip off to hang out.

"best friends forever." you whisper

I smile before you but laugh inside

"yeah right. another lie."