"We need more people!" one of the gathered rebels yelled. "We're not enough to win against the army of King Tavis!"

"Tavis is not are King!" several of the rebels yelled together.

"Quiet!" Shane, one of the rebels many leaders called. "We have some plans for gathering more people to us. I would like you all to help us."

"None of it will matter," the Lady Deirdre the Dreamer murmured and everyone hushed to hear her. "There is only one thing that can give us a chance of victory. We need to be trained and there is only one person able to do this. There is no other path. We must have Isabel of the Shadows on our side. Without her there is no chance that we will win."

The gathered crowd was thrown into an uproar by her words. "Isabel of the Shadows is a demon!" many of them yelled. "She is the King's Warrior!" was yelled by others. It took Shane and another of the leaders, Marl, to calm them this time.

"We will lose without her," Deirdre said into the restless quiet. "We need her."

Marl gave protest this time, "She is loyal to Tavis. How can we change the loyalties of one who had never wavered? Before her it was her father who stood at the King's side. How are we to do what you say could win us the battle?"

"She isn't yet into her seventeenth year, it couldn't be that hard," Shane retorted calmly placing himself beside Deirdre.

"If her loyalty had not already broken it would prove undoable. As it is she stays at his side only out of loyalty to Maisaer, to the people. All we need do is show her that the rule we wish to set is better than Tavis' cruelty," she let her eyes wander the crowd. "She will turn willingly on the king if we can do that. She will help us free the elves."

"How do we know she wouldn't turn on us just as willingly?" Marl asked softly. "The girl is nothing but ice and she could do the same to us if more rebels were to appear."

"Do we plan to rule so badly that people feel the need to rebel?" Shane asked angrily.

Marl turned red in anger but Deirdre spoke before he could. "All we need do to keep her at are side is to keep her trust, to return what loyalty she gives us. If we do that she will be stopped by nothing but death to take Tavis from the throne."

"How can we even do this? How can we get close enough to gain her trust?" someone called up through the crowd.

The Lady stared at the fire, "We shall have to plan."

"Make sure you include me," everyone looked at the half elf they planned to put on the throne.