Seeing Reality from Love

If you look at things through the mirror
You see faults and imperfection
But when you look through the screen
The golden, edited screen
You see perfection beyond God
The mirror image of yourself disgusts you
You feel insignificant when you see other beauties
And their perfection
Then you look at yourself and you're so down,
Below them
Nothing seems fair
You get more than your share
But it's not as though
You bit off more than you can chew
You've just been dealt a hard hand of cards
But then the only one who loves you
Sheds light in your dark head
Shows you what beauty you have
Shows you qualities you have so great to him
You were just temporarily blind
Not able to see your own beauty
Looking at silver screen, edited beauties
And hanger-like girls that walk the runways
Until his love broke the line