Ecstasy Love

Thick air is around us
It's so hard to breathe
So hard to keep awake in reality
It's as though we've gone into a dreamland
We're grasping each other so tight
Afraid that if we let go
We'll lose each other
Time is speeding past us
But we choose to ignore it
Keeping within our own world right now
Kissing lips, grazing necks
Tracing every part of each other's body
Delicate and soft
Strong and rough
Moving in for the right moment
Heavy breathing
It's so close
So passionate and gentle
Love never felt so right
Hoping this moment never ends
Holding me so tight
Whispering sweet bless right within my ears
"I love you so much, never let me go"
He says to me
"I never, ever will, I'll love you forever"
I tell him the truth
We're so wrapped up,
Nothing else matters
This moment, this time is all that we feel
This is our ecstasy
And misery just dissolves away
Our sweet ecstasy that never fades