Jaded Girl Grows Up

She wants to shatter out from her jaded self
She wants to find the road to a place
That could be sane
She doesn't want to fall under the crumbling rocks
She doesn't want to fall within the darkness


She wants to regain her consciousness
Get out of her weary state of mind
She wants to learn how to be positive for herself
Instead of always being the helper of others
She doesn't want to accept the help
Because nothing truly repairs her errors
That she's tried to hard to prevent from resurfacing


She wants the glass around her to break
Become the happy, loving girl she once was
She only shows her true love to that one
The one who's always been for her
Wither he knew it or not
She strives to be the best for him
Show him, she's always going to be the
Only one for him
Boy breaks the jaded girl
She grows from her seed
Into a beautiful, strong flower
Spreading her wings as if she were a bird
Ready to step into the crazy, mad world
That'll never be sane
Learns how to be wise within her head
With her love
And getting on with her life
Because little jaded girl grew up