Just a Fuck

Fuck her then toss her away
She's nothing but a toy
You know,
You know
That it's not true,
She had a lover
A love that was going to last forever
But you took her, used her up
And now she's more worthless
Than she ever was
She's nothing but trash
Below that even
You whispered sweet nothings
Within her ear
Wanted to see her shudder
Wanted to see her disgust
You want to see her powerless
Among your strong state
You wanted to take her
For yourself
You just wanted a Friday night fuck
Take her for a spin on a Thursday
At lunch
Take her fully
While she's within a slumber
Trying to refresh of all other stresses in her life
Take her while she's dreaming of her lover
Take her while she's not looking
Take her
She won't notice
she won't care
Take her early Sunday morning,
Doubt that she'll care
She won't feel it
She's just a toy
Not even
She's just some trash
She won't care