Nonexistent Paradise in Hell

Where the hungry come to feed
What the poor and dying can never reach
Why people scheme and kill
Visceral feelings
They might as well be nonexistent
In this paradise land
This world that can never exist
When in our world we only have
The RAPE, the rape, the rape
The VIOLENCE, the violence, the hurt
The robbing, the robbing, the stolen
And so much worse
It should only be for the good
The peaceful
The loving
The caring
The helping
The justice of our world
Paradise should come from the beautiful
The beautiful people,
The beautiful places
But it's not beautiful,
Not beautiful at all,
Those people who are the greedy,
Those people that kill,
Those people that hate
They built this "paradise"
With their stolen lives and greed
Paradise might as well not exist
Our world is just a Hell
And we have to work our way out