This is my first thing i not the best writer. O.o

You're gone.

Gone forever.

Never to come back.

Found in the dark

Cold. Bloody. Dead.


I can't live without you!

What will I do without you?

Here beside me.

I know

I'll join you.

A quick cut to end it all.

Just to be with you.


I watch as the light fades

I slip into darkness and see your face.

Death offers its hand, bringing me to you.

You smile and we embrace.

Together, we walk into oblivion.

Never to return.

Did you like it??? My friend said it was "emo" it made me sad pout pout. This is also dedicated to my best bud Katy cause she is awesome and helps me with my writing issues!!! She said that the poem was sweet. AAAAWS! Okay! I'm good now! Please review!!!