I Did It My Way

The day was almost over and night began to fall. Within a dark blue coloured room on the end of the street was a cold skinned vampire, he lay with no clothes on what so ever, half in and half out of a thin, cotton white sheet. Blood covered the sheets, stained them. The blood was from a young woman whom lay naked at his side, but she was no longer moving. Her curly, fine brown hair was soaked in her own blood. Her body now worthless. A smile spread over the vampires face. Two fangs seen in the darkness, these fangs were not pure white, for they had been driven into the females throat. Her neck bore two deep cuts as she lay lifeless at his side. "Sex without kids… wonderful." he said to himself in the room. A deep laugh came slowly from him as he patted the dead girls cheek. "Hey, Pet?" he asked, teasing. "You were good enough while you lasted…" he muttered and kissed her nose. Then licked the cold blood that was on her ripped throat. He smiled at the taste. "You know, Love… I have always liked the feeling of my fangs pushing into the flesh. Gives me a sense of power." he whispered, though he knew that no reply would come from her, nor movement, sound, not even a blink. He kissed softly across her breasts before sinking his fangs into her skin just above her nipple. His fangs sank deeply into her flesh until he moved his head away and kissed over her stomach. "I'll be seeing you around, you beautiful little thing." he teased and sat up before pulling on his clothes: a white smart shirt, black trousers and a pair of shinning black shoes. "I don't blame you for falling for me, Pet." he told the dead girl as he tied the thin laces to his black shoes. He stood and picked up a black jacket. "I'll give you a call." he laughed and walked out of the room and along a hallway. As this the vampire walked quietly, he looked at the pictures of the girls family on the walls. "Looks pretty well off." he muttered as he stopped to look on a wooden table in the hallway. He stroked over a cloth and then his fingers touched a picture frame and smiled to see the girl smiling with her mother. "Looks like a happy little family here." he said as he picked up the picture. "Looks like they care a lot." he muttered and then grinned, "Hopefully she'll get a nice funeral." He placed the picture down and stroked the frame again. "Flowers and everything, I bet. Maybe I'll send you a rose or two, but my lovers rarely get anything. And you're really just another person." he spoke, as if the girl stood behind him. "But, my name wasn't Mickey. My name is Vox. See you in Heaven!"

Vox didn't take long before he left the house and entered the world in the early night. He was walking quietly along the path, no car, no motorbike, only his own two feet. While he walked, he slipped his jacket on and took a look around himself before his feet carried him a along an old dirty alley way and then he walked a long the back streets.

"Hey, Vox!" an older ladies voice called and Vox's eyes looked threw a whole in an old wooden fence.

"… Oh, 'Ello, Doris…" Vox's said and stopped, looking threw the hole to a mortal lady in her late seventies. She was sorting her washing line out. "How you doing, Love?" he asked and watched her as she was taking down her washing.

"I'm good thanks." she replied. "Just been doing my washing."

"I can see that." Vox said slowly and a small smile shot to his lips. "Hope there's no thongs on there, Love… My innocent eyes would be shocked forever."

She laughed, her voice filled the small square garden full of weeds and a few daffodils. "No… No, not for me."

"Aww, come on, I bet Henry just loves you in them. You hiding them behind that bed sheet?" he asked, teasing as he looked to what he had just called a bed sheet, it was in fact the old ladies underwear.

She laughed again and waved a hand towards him, "Get away, get away! You cheeky boy!"

Vox smiled at her laugh. It was good to hear a person laugh every now and then. "Okay, Okay, I'll see you in the week, yeah?"

"If you like, though I'm going shopping tomorrow morning, but then… you have work all day, don't you?" she asked and looked to him threw her glasses.

"Yep… work. Seven days a week. Six in the Morning, till Six in the evening." he lied to her. Of course, he hadn't told her he was a vampire. He had just made this up so he never had to see her in the day.

"Oh… Well, that's a shame. I've told you time and time again, Vox, you must try and get a day off. They work you too hard… What is it you do that can't wait?"

"You know, computers and things like that. I really wish I could have a day off, Doris, but these people need me." he lied once again and smiled to her. "I had better be going, Love. I'll pop in in the week, okay?"

"Okay, Vox, you take care." she said and smiled, looking back to her washing line.

Vox smiled to himself as he turned his head and walked on. "What a bloody nice old lady, eh?" he asked himself as he walked on threw the dark dirty back streets. The smell from the lined up trash cans hung in the air and he pulled a slight face. But he was stopped by another voice.

"Voxxy!" a males voice called and then the male was seen as he lent over the balcony. A male looking seventeen years old waved down to him, "Hello, Vox! I'll be right down, hang on!" he said and then dashed out of sight.

Vox raised an eyebrow, but stood, waiting for this younger vampire to join his side. Vox didn't really mind this boy around him. He was funny to be around, nice to teach. Though the boys wild, blonde, spiky hair was something Vox would look oddly at most days.

"I'm here, I'm here." he said as he joined Vox's side and smiled, "Where'd you go last night?" he asked. "I searched the whole bar and then the alley."

"Sid, what does it matter?" Vox asked and smiled as the two walked on, their feet walking through the littered and uncared for streets.

"I was trying to find you, I even stood on the stool." the boy said loudly.

"I was with a girl soon after I entered and danced."

"The one with short hair?" Sid asked and looked up to him.

Vox shook his head, "No… no, I found a new one, one that looked better off." Vox answered him and looked forwards to the light where this dirty street would end.

"Are you going to see her again tonight?"

"No. We… broke up." Vox lied and chuckled as he looked at him again. "Differences." he laughed a little. "She was a nice girl, sounded like she had a nice family."

"Well, maybe you'll get to see her again soon." Sid spoke as he thought. "You never know, she might take you back if you give her the: I love you. I'm sorry, my mind was fucked up and I was drunk speech."

"Nah." Vox said and looked to the end of the alley as they got closer and closer. "Not unless she can come back from the dead."

"Vox!" Sid said fast and shot a look to him. "You do that most of the night, you can't keep doing it!"

"Sid, I'll do as I please." Vox corrected him. "I'm not a child. I'm a bloody fucking man." he told him and pushed the boy to the side. "Who do you think you are? My bitch of a mother?" he asked and grunted to himself.

"Maybe I am. You can't tell the difference. I might be the spitting image of her!" Sid said, looking to Vox's eyes and straitening himself up after being pushed.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Vox asked through a frown.

"You don't even know whom she was." Sid pointed out. "Arsehole, stop frowning and lighten up."

It was almost true. Vox knew very little of his own mother. He knew even less of his father. His eye twitched, his eyebrows calmed, but he was hurt. Even as he tried to hide it, it hurt him. His mother had died of an incurable illness. Vox had watched her die, but he never told people this, no, well, only one. His friend: Monty. Apart from Monty, everyone who knew Vox thought his mother had just left him. In another part of Vox's mind, yes, she had just left him. It wasn't fair and he blamed her death for everything he had done in the past.

"Stupid bitch, eh?" Vox asked. Walking on. "Anyways, enough about me, now, shut up and do something with that hair of yours." he told him and then watched as Sid felt his hair softly. "Hey, Sid, you busy tonight?" he asked, glancing to the boy.

"Nope… Why?" Sid replied and tilted his head to look to Vox's eyes.

"Feel like getting pissed?" Vox offered. "I got an odd feeling that I'm off of work tonight." He said and run his fingers through his black hair that flowed just past his shoulders. His blue eyes looked to Sid, awaiting his answer.

"Monty's bar?" Sid asked quietly.

"Of course, I want my money!" Vox told him loudly and patted Sid across the back. "Can't buy a drink if I ain't got the money, you ain't going to pay, are you?! Got your family to look after."

"I'm not that poor… my mum and my sisters are doing pretty okay, don't be worrying about us."

"Ah, so you're going to buy the drinks?" Vox asked and raised an eyebrow.

"… I didn't say that I was that well off." Sid replied and then smiled as Vox put an arm over his shoulder.

"I got ya covered, little guy." Vox said kindly, hugging the boy with one arm as he walked on. "I got ya, as always."

"Thanks, Mickey." he teased and stayed close as Vox smiled. Vox didn't say a word, only lead his little friend on to the bar… little did he know, going to the bar tonight would be a big mistake.