Chapter Three

Vox took Sid with him out onto the streets. His eyes scanned the roads and alleys before looking to Sid, "I know you want to ask me something, Kido, so just spit it out, Son."

Sid glanced to Vox, "Well, there was something that I wanted to ask you… Vox, what's your plan for life?" he asked.

"Plan?" Vox asked. "What'd mean?" he questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Ah, come on… we both know what you've been doing as a job, and… well, do you want to do it forever? You can't…"

"I can if I want." Vox replied. "Don't be starting on what I can and can't do again, Okay?" he asked. "Don't be giving me aggro…"

"I'm just asking." Sid said and sighed, still watching Vox. "It's just… there's more to life, isn't there?"

"No." Vox answered. "Listen, no, not for us vampires. See… if we got a job, most shops are open in the day. And, if we got a night job, and something happened so we had to go in the day, well, we couldn't do it, could we?"

"What about if you were a painter?" Sid said thoughtfully.

"Now, this is something different, see, how would you paint something if you've never see it?"

"How'd you mean?"

"I mean… like… alright, take this, you want to be a painter, you have all the paint and that big white board thing-"


"Canvas… yeah, well, what are you going paint?"

"What about something… anything… a bus!"

"A bus at night?" Vox asked.

"Course not… in the day. If I painted it at night, the picture will all be dark and dim, won't it?"

"Sure will, but how you gonna paint a bus in the day if you ain't seen a bus in the bloody day?" Vox asked and smiled as he looked at Sid's puzzled face.

"… I'll imaged it, won't I?" Sid replied.

"Fine, fuck up the art world…" Vox stated and shrugged, "You won't be my friend anymore, and, I'll have to kill ya, I think…"

"Kill me?" Sid muttered.

"Can't have you spreading word about me, can I?" Vox smiled. "… Sid." he said quietly, unsure for a moment. He knew that the boy was far to young and caring for this job, he knew the boy could make something of himself, though he was lost about what… Vox knew that Sid deserved more than a gun and someone's life in his hands. But, then again, money was what Sid needed, and he had entered Monty's bar looking for it… he couldn't just leave. "Sid, we're buddies and I'm gonna take care of ya, but you can't leave Monty's, not yet."

"I guess not, I have nowhere else to go to. And I have to take care of my mum… I have no other plans, but, I'd like to know yours." he said, looking around the quiet street.

"I have no plans, and it's not a good idea to have plans and promises…" Vox told him. "They are nothing but trouble in the end. Believe me."

"Yeah, but, Vox… you aren't going to want your job forever, are you? You're gonna want something in life."

"I have something." Vox pointed out.

"You have a job." Sid said. "And me as a friend… that's about it in your eyes. But in my eyes, I see you have good looks, you have a nice voice… you're a strong guy, Vox… and you're wasted at Monty's."

"Sid, drop it." Vox muttered, crossing a street, not caring that a car almost hit him, he put his middle finger up and banged on the bonnet of the car, "Slow down, Mate!" he shouted, walking on and Sid followed him shyly as the man in the car shouted abuse to them out of the window.

"I'm just saying what I see." Sid said, looking to Vox's eyes that were focused forwards. "I'm just saying-"

"You're just saying what I want to hear." Vox snapped a little. "You're just saying what you believe. Well, Sid, the world is a nasty place, alright? It's shit and I hate it, but I live in it. I have to, because I'm not as crazy as the people that want to kill themselves yet. Almost, but not yet… I don't want to change my ways yet, I can't, I have too much on my plate. I have work, I have no home and I owe Monty a hell of a lot of money… so just drop it, okay?"

"I'll try." Sid said quietly, his head hung a little, staying at Vox's side. "But, would you ever like to get married and have children?"

"No." Vox answered. "This world is fucked up, I don't want to screw another life up by bringing it into this world." he told him and sighed. "No… the world is too wrong to bring another life into it…" he said, then thinking that this was the most caring thing that he'd ever said. "Maybe one day… not now."

"I just want you happy, Vox… you ain't happy and I can see that."

"Sid, enough." Vox said, leading him down a road, he smiled, stroking the cheek of a young prostitute as he pasted her.

"Leave her." Sid said and pulled him slightly to make him walk on. "You don't want a red head."

"Red head, brown head, blonde head black head… blue head. I like 'em all." Vox told him, He glanced into peoples gardens as he walked on, "You know what… I just might like to have a house one day…" he told his friend.

"That's a start." Sid smiled and laughed a little, "What would you like in this house?"

Vox let his mind think, "I'd like… pictures, photo's…" he stopped, watching Sid smile, he grinned, "Strippers pole, Playboy girls dancing…"

"Vox!" Sid said and laughed, "No… You can't have that."

"Don't give me a world full of 'can't' I can have what I what and I'll have playboy girls dancing in circles around me if I want it… and, I do, so, there." Vox smiled proudly. "God. All of 'em, I'll have to clear work for that day." he teased, but stopped and looked at a small water fountain in someone's front garden, "That's what I'd like, Sid." he said, now not joking, nor laughing.

"… A garden?"

"A big, old, mother fucking, water fountain that people will stop just to look at…" Vox corrected him. "A huge one… that me and my girls can sit in… and I'd like a turtle… I'd call him Winston. He could live in the fountain. That's what I'd like." he said after looking at a small stone turtle in the side of the fountain.

Sid smiled to himself, at last, Vox had a hope in life.

The two walked on without a word for only a short while, until they approached the house that they were looking for. An old house, nothing great. Just a house in a street. It seemed an empty road at this hour, there were hardly any cars around, and even fewer people.

Vox stopped at the front door, he looked to Sid. "You just make sure you let no feelings let slip, okay?" he asked and after getting a nod of an answer from Sid, he knocked on the door. After waiting a few minutes, the man known as David opened the door.

"Alright, Mickey?" he asked and smiled a little. "What's going on then? Party somewhere?"

Vox shrugged, "Just came to see the baby." he answered. "Heard you had a little one."

"Yeah." David answered, his blonde hair waved a little as he nodded and backed up, holding the door open, "Come in. Go through to the kitchen, Mate." he welcomed and both Vox and Sid entered. "So this is your little friend?" he asked and ruffled Sid's hair, "What's his name?"

"Si-" Sid started, but Vox cut in.

"Simon." Vox said and walked up, "Young chap he is, strong as nail."

"Ah… I see." David laughed. He looked over them, he closed the door and followed them into the kitchen. "How's everything been?" he asked. "How's… Monty?"

"Monty's a bit pissed, nothing different though." Vox answered and smiled slightly, his eyes in David's. "You?"

"I'm great… wonderful." he replied. "Been playing with the baby all day. Growing up fast."

Footsteps were heard on the stairs and a tired looking woman looked in to the kitchen, holding a sleeping baby. She raised an eyebrow, looking to David. "Oh, here…" David smiled, holding his arms out for the woman, she came in and David gently took the baby. "Here, look, Mickey…"

Vox walked closer and glanced at the child. "Ah, I see… yeah, you got a lot of work raising that." he said. "Seeming as you're a single parent."

"Single parent?" David asked, but his eyes went wide as he saw on Vox's hands were now white gloves. "No!" he yelled, but Vox slipped his arm under the woman's throat and pulled her back. "Mickey, no!" David shouted, nearly dropping the baby, rushing forwards. Sid came close now, pushing David back fast, Sid held him to the wall, holding his fingers on David's throat as the vampire tried to hold his child and get to his wife.

Vox's eyes watched David, he said nothing as he held the woman to his chest, no matter how she struggled, or hit him. "Hush…" he said after she screamed and the baby started crying. Vox stroked her hair and smiled, tracing his fingers down her cheek. She cried hard, beating her fists on his chest. Vox gently wiped a tear from her cheek.

"Mickey!" he shouted. "What you doing?!" he asked.

"My job." Vox answered, stroking the woman's neck, then he held her head with both hands.

"Mickey no, please." David said as tears ran down his cheeks. "I'll get Monty's his money."

"You were meant to have got it." Vox hissed and grinned as his eyes looked at the woman. "Poor little thing, look what you have done, David…" Vox smiled and looked at the woman, finding pleasure in the fear in her eyes.

Sid still pressed David to the wall as he struggled and held the baby. Sid didn't watch Vox, the woman's cries hurt him to hear. He closed his eyes as David continued to beg for her life, but Vox took no notice, he seemed to just blank everything out before he held her head tightly and snapped her head to the side, braking her neck. His eyes still on her, even as he heard her neck crack. David cried out.

"Now, see here, David, you gotta pay your bills, mate, that's how it works." Vox said, walking towards him, he snatched the baby from David's arms and laughed a little, listening to it cry.

"Mickey, don't take my baby as well!" David cried, he brought his knee up, kneeing Sid in the stomach, then rushed at Vox. Vox hissed and sprung his free fist out, hitting David in the throat.

"You have to learn some matters, now back off!" Vox shouted as David coughed hard and cried, holding his head, kneeling on the floor.

Sid walked around the dead woman, then to Vox's side. He wanted to leave, he didn't like the sound of a crying baby, nor the sight of a dead woman. Vox felt this, he glanced to Sid, then at David. Vox stroked the babies cheek, then laid it on the table. He backed away, taking Sid's arm, leaving David crying over the body of his wife.

Vox took Sid outside and walked along the pathway. Sid stayed close to him, as if scared by what he had seen. But he only just a few words from Vox, "Gotta be stronger than that."