The Insomniac & the Narcoleptic

Note: An odd sort of love story between Celeste, a narcoleptic and her devoted husband Marius, an insomniac.

These lovebirds have so much in common, except for their sleeping disorders. Despite their troubles they are able to find treatment and live normal lives together.

Chapter 1—So In Love, So Aggitated

Celeste and Marius Andretti had been married for many years now and had three children of their own. As if caring for three children wasn't enough, Celeste had difficulties of her own. Since youth she had dealt with narcolepsy. She had always had this disorder since childhood but it had never impared her life. It was really getting in the way of her doing her errands for the day. Often, Marius would find Celeste fast asleep on the ironing board, the little ones, Katherine, Anna and Olivia running around, tugging at her skirts for attention. Marius would shake his head and groan, wondering why the girls couldn't even wake her up. There were days where she would endager herself falling asleep at the wheel and the problem was becoming such an impairment that it was beginning to endanger her life. This wasn't the beginning of the couple's difficulties. The children knew something was encumbering their parents but weren't certain how to make everything right. Often, they would find their father trying to take a nap somewhere but he could never find even one wink of sleep. There were times he would become irritated and snap at the children for no reason. The girls understood this wasn't their fault but didn't appreciate their father getting upset with them when they had done nothing wrong. It was at this point that the two realized they needed to seek counsil for their sleep disorders before they were both driven to insanity. There was only so much love left within them but they would never give up on the love that they had. They just knew that their problems had to be solved before they became worse.

Chapter 2—Never Too Proud to Ask For Help

As soon as Katherine, Anna and Olivia were sent off school while Celeste and Marius went to speak to a professional. Each saw a different specialist about their disorders. Both were given different types of medication after they had been evaluated. They were both given the same regimen to follow. If their medicine didn't work, they would have to report to them immediately.

But, if there was a positive outcome they wouldn't have to return except for a check up to see how well the medications were helping them.

Celeste and Marius immediately began their regimens and instantly saw a difference in their lives. At long last, Celeste wasn't falling asleep taking care of her children and she could play with them like normal parents would with their offspring. Marius had been able to have a full-nights sleep for the first time in his life. He had never been so fulfilled since the day he asked for Celeste's hand in marriage. At last they could enjoy life for what it was truly worth and stop worrying about the problems they had experienced in the past. It was nothing more than a mere bump in the road.

The changes in the lifestyle of the parents had been immense. Matters had become more normal even though the three girls would keep them harried. Celeste was now running out of time to do small errands, such as cleaning house and taking out the trash. Yet, they had done some research and had been able to find a maid to clean while they were gone going about the daily rigors of everyday life or taking the girls to their respective hobbies. Olivia was into ballet, Anna was practicing martial arts, and Katharine was a girl scout.

Chapter 3—Struggle

The maid was a great fit for their busy lifestyle and she made sure that the house was cleaned from top to bottom. All seemed to be running along smoothly until they came home one afternoon. Their full medicine bottles were now empty. Shocked, enraged and hurt they came to realize that the maid had been sporting a drug habit. The medication wasn't inexpensive and it cut into a lot of the diversions that the family enjoyed. Coming to the simple solution that they had to fire the maid, the two knew they would have to rely upon themselves to clean the house and work hard to start buying their medications again. The Andrettis had to be abstemious with their spending money and save diversion for another time.

With expenses for the girls' hobbies, bills and taxes, the Andrettis had to spare all the change they had to pay for their medications. With hard effort, they had been able to get the medications that had made their lives so much easier and with help from the doctors they had been seeing, they had been able to get generic brands. Since they had been able to save money, they had begun enjoying even the tiniest moments. Life was filled with ups and downs but every step down the winding road of the journey was worth it, especially to see the smile of their daughters. Despite how crazy the world could be at times, the pure smile of the daughters would forever keep them uplifted in the worst of times.


To this day, the Andrettis are getting along sensationally. Celeste and Marius have fallen in love with each other all over again, realizing just how blessed they are to have one another. They laugh about the past and keep a hold of their humor at the present and into the future. They knew that whatever the future held they would stick together as a family unit. Love was what kept them together and kept the strong. The young Andrettis siblings are growing smarter and taller every day. They were outgrowing some of the things they had enjoyed doing as little girls and maturing, but this was the way of life. Celeste and Marius were pleased to see how much their daughters were growing every day, knowing the futures they would meet would definitely be bright and full of indefinate possibilities. They weren't worried whether the girls would inherit their sleeping disorders since they had been tested. They would be able to enjoy life as everyone should remembering that problems were temporary but family was forever.

The End

February 28, 2006

Edited, March 8, 2006