The day I woke up

and felt you fail me again

I sat on the floor indian-style

I looked down into my empty hands

becoming blurry

and just let the raindrops

collapse into them

It was that rotting sensation

of being on the elevator

and sinking to the ground floor


And something inside you just collapses

I had to just sleep

and let my mind fall

into quiet thoughtfulness

Because this hurt was something

new moving into me,

something embedding in a deeper part;

there to stay

and on that bad blue day

it was a raw sting

Raw like that bleeding meat

that takes your appetite; makes you sick.

It passed, as a storm passes

in summertime

leaving the sky nauseated

Life goes on

It's not anywhere near the end

of the world

(It's not anywhere near the end.)

Because you aren't Jesus so

your return and exit

were'nt that collossal

But when you make an appearance

I still, if I let myself listen,

hear this wrong,

off-key note being strummed

inside me

And something in my heart