Winter Fools

As soon as I took that fatal step-

I knew,

What a mistake to make.

Since everyday did I-

Travel down that darkened road,

To what I considered my home,

Was just a resting place for me to die.

Some say I had the look of death-

Placed upon me like some blessed cloak,

To remind me what was real.

The stars were so committed,

To give me as little light as possible.

I used to look to the heavens for guidance,

Now I am permanent, frozen,

Stuck solid,

Beneath my murdering friends.

And- yet- I never knew,

Continued walking to my doom.

I felt the sickening feeling,

Of not being the observer,

(Unlike those petty days at school,

When I thought I was in control)

But being observed-


Until, my dying day.

Which fate decided had come around,

Far too soon, I said.

So many things I dreamt of doing,

And dreamt of wanting to do.

Still living vacant in my memory,

They remind me of my failure.

I stood where I always stood,

Looking up and wishing I could move.

The silence comforting me still,

But the hand on my neck-

Strangely stole me.

And I allowed myself to be stolen.

Now I am nothing but a shadow,

That walks along the path with the next pretty girl.

Who took that fatal step,

Poor child-

That was her mistake.