A Reason for Forgiveness

Glistening eyes
and a twice-folded heart
are what remain
after the hazards have long passed

He verily butchered me–
though I pretend that I am whole–
ripping out my mind, running it
though the wash
hung on a line and stolen
by a grizzly and her cubs...
it could only come back torn
and though the rips
were sewn up again
it was impossible to find
thread of the same color...
that way the scars remain

You ruined me, for a while
but it just makes it more difficult
–not quite impossible–
"for even the worst marks fade
given enough time"

Of course I still hurt
(who would not)
but I have learned to accept
in a way I never could have
without your tortures

So, thank you, is what I mean to say

Thank you for giving me
the methods to my own taste of love–
the understanding to cope
with the uncertainties of another

She calls to me,
my lady fair and delightful

And as for the beast of my night-tremors,
well, I am almost free of you

18 February 2006