This is a short story I wrote for a class, I'm also sending it off to be published soon. I hope you will like. R&Rplease. Thanks a lot.


In the state of Pennsylvania, there was a small town by the name of Traceton. It was a peaceful town where everyone knew each other. Everything had been great for all the people of Traceton. The townspeople were so laid back that they never locked the doors to their houses or cars. They had no worry in the world.

The teenagers of the high school there had begun to grow bored with the small town life. They wanted to get out, go out into the world, and make something of themselves. It was every teen's dream, but somehow, this was different.

A few of the teenagers, who were friends, got together at a pizza place in town. They went by the names of Melanie Savana, Damien Hillcrest, and Austin 'Big Tex' Bradford. As the teens ordered pizza, they talked about their plans for life after high school.

"So, Big Tex, where are you planning to attend college?" asked Melanie. He looked at her cautiously when they sat down. What he had in mind was a shocker, and he really didn't want to say where he was going.

"Mel, how many times are you going to ask me that?" he asked in return, picking up a piece of the pizza. Damien laughed. Melanie was too curious for her own good.

"I'm only curious. You never gave me a straight answer the last few times," she said, grabbing a piece of the hot pizza. Austin took a sip of his Coke and sighed deeply. He really didn't want to say, but he would any way since she was dying to know.

"Texas A & M," he said. Damien choked on his pizza slice, and Melanie dropped her own. Austin was from Texas - that's where the nickname had come from - yet he had always sworn he would never go to college there. Austin was a huge football player, not to mention extremely talented. The university must have recruited him.

"That's right, I said Texas A & M," he took in a deep breath. "I've got a full scholarship there and a place on the football team." Melanie was utterly shocked. The one school he hated, wanted him. She had yet to get her acceptance/denial letter from M.I.T., which stood for the Massachusetts Institution of Technology.

"That's great, Tex!" exclaimed Melanie. Though it was a delayed response, she really meant it. Damien was silent. He only munched on his pizza.

He remembered getting all the return letters in the mail, denying him entrance into the colleges, mostly because in his junior year his grades were barely passing. He couldn't tell his friends that he wasn't going to college.

"Damien, dude, you all right?" asked Austin.

"Yeah! I'm great!" he lied. Melanie nudged Damien. She was his best friend and knew he was lying.

"Tell the truth Damien," she said. Damien sighed deeply and sucked in his breath.

"I haven't been accepted to any colleges yet," he told the two. Melanie's eyes widened and Austin's jaw dropped. This was the worst news ever.

'Poor Damien,' was the thought that ran through Melanie's mind at the moment.

"But you are a great baseball player!" said Austin. "How could any school not want you? You should have gotten a baseball scholarship!" Damien shook his head.

"No, my grades were too low in the eleventh grade, and I had to sit out most of the season last year, so the scouts didn't see me play," explained Damien. Melanie sighed. She knew he must have been extremely unhappy. He had plans to play for New York State. It was the first college he had applied to.

"Damien, it'll be alright. You'll get into college somewhere," said Austin.

"Yeah, Dammie, you will," Melanie added. Damien hung his head. He wasn't so sure. If it had anything to do with his grades and his baseball skills to get him into college, it wasn't going to happen. No college was going to accept him. The grades were just too low, and last season's injury was no help.

After the teens finished their pizza and drinks, they decided that it was time for them to go their separate ways. Melanie had a mid-term paper – one that was very late – to write, and Austin needed to tell his mother about his scholarship. He had totally forgotten beforehand.

Austin drove Melanie home because her father had just dropped her at the pizza joint before heading to work.

"Tex, do you think Damien will be okay? I mean, he looked really depressed," said Melanie. Austin shook his head.

"I'm not sure. Damien usually blows off stuff like this," he replied. Melanie looked at Austin hard; she was worried about Damien. He had left the pizza parlor in a dull looking mood and that severely worried her.

Damien Hillcrest's patience had worn thin. There was one application left that he had sent off. He waited forever for a return letter. Graduation night came, and the letter still had not come telling him whether or not he was accepted. On this night, he and his friends would get ready for the ceremony that would change them forever. The three of them; Damien, Melanie, and Austin, all graduated and then partied. Only a week passed by before Damien finally received his last letter.

The letter read:

"Dear Mr. Hillcrest, we are sorry to inform you that you have been denied entrance into our college."

Damien was heart-broken. He didn't get accepted to a single college he had applied for. It wasn't fair. Austin was dumber than bricks, and he still got accepted into Texas A & M. He sighed deeply. Who wanted to live a boring life? Not he! He wanted to be a famous baseball player. So he began to write a suicide note.

It read:

"To whoever may care,

I'm not happy, and if you are reading this now, I am already gone. I was not accepted to any colleges that I had applied for, and I refuse to lead a boring life. Goodbye now. To Mel, you were my best friend and my 'smart girl'. I love you so much. And to you Tex, you were my best running buddy ever. Both of you lead happy, healthy, and good lives. Finally, Mom… Don't give up on George. He's trying so hard for you because he loves you. So, please don't give up.

I'll be happier off this planet. Goodbye to you all…"

Damien was in tears. He didn't want to leave his friends, but they would forget all about him once they started their new lives.

This distraught young man went into the bathroom and took his razor apart. In his hands, he held one of the razor blades. His strong hands shook terribly. Damien clenched his eyes shut and dug the razorblade deep into his left arm. The pain shot all the way up to his temples. He did not cut horizontally, but vertically. The warm crimson liquid began streaming down his arm, dripping onto the nearly pristine, white, linoleum-covered floor.

As he bled, the phone rang. He felt weak, very weak. The blood gushed quickly. He didn't care that he was dying. Damien felt his legs buckle beneath him. The bleeding teen grabbed for the lace curtains beside the shower. He fell, hit his head on the side of the toilet, and passed out. Poor Damien bled to death. In his last moments, his entire life flashed before his eyes, remembering all the precious memories of his past. Memories of him and his friends - especially ones of Melanie - crossed his mind. He had been in love with her…

Damien's funeral was held a few days later. The ceremony took place at Hamilton Funeral home. All his classmates were present for the ominous occasion. Not a single face was dry in the room, especially Ms. Hillcrest and Melanie.

"Our Damien…my Dammie…He was a friend to us all. He was so wrapped with school, baseball, and life with his friends. We all loved him dearly…" Melanie's voice cracked slightly, tears filling her eyes. "We'll never forget the fun we shared, the memories we made, or the times we argued over nothing. Damien will be remembered for a lifetime…" Her words faded as tears fell from her eyes. She walked down, placing a single red rose on his casket. She kissed the casket, said I love you, and took her seat beside his mother.

Later that evening, after everyone had gone, Ms. Hillcrest sat on the sofa with tears streaming down, a single piece of paper folded in her lap. If only you'd had a little patience, you'd have seen this letter of acceptance from the University of Southern California…