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Breaking Free

I've been so wrapped up in my warm cocoon
But something's happening, things are changing soon

I'm pushing the edge, feeling it crack
And once I get out, there's no turning back

Watching the butterfly go towards the sun
I wonder what I will become


I had first saw Reiiko when the two of us were only seven years old. It was during the first day of school, when the teacher was taking roll.


Hisoka sat near the back, against the wall and was getting tired. He rested his foot up against the empty chair beside him and placed his hands behind his head, looking and getting comfortable.

There was a total of 29 people here. 29 including himself. His eyes narrowed at the number. Shouldn't there be an even number so when they go off in teams, each one would have the same number?

"Reiiko Ikeda?" No answer. "Absent then. Tsuki Kinomoto?"


"Tsuyu Kinomoto?"


"Keisuke Minamoto?"


"Aimi Miyazaki?"


"Hisoka Motsuna?"

"Here!" he quickly exclaimed. Fast forward.

"Rika Yushuno?"

"Here sensei!"

"Alright then. Today we'll be learning--" Suddenly, the door bursted opened, revealing a seven year old girl with blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. She wore a simple white button-up shirt with a pair of blue jeans. She was panting for air, giving off the expression that she had ran to the classroom.

"Gomen nasai." She quickly apologized before going to her seat which was two seats from Hisoka.

"Reiiko-san, what have I told you about being late?" the teacher demanded.

Reiiko rolled her eyes. "'If you are late to class, then I will be sure to tell the Teline and she will kick your ass and make sure you come on time.' But seriously sensei, it's not my fault I come late every single time."

The teacher sighed. "Just don't do it again..."

"Hai, sensei." Reiiko went to her seat which was by Hisoka.


Hisoka walked through the park, wondering why the Teline cares so much about Reiiko. He sat down underneath a tree and looked at his surroundings, holding his knees against his chest. Then, a black and dark blue butterfly landed on his hand before flying away.

"That's a kurokage butterfly." Hisoka jumped and noticed Reiiko standing by him. She sat down next to him and held out her left index finger. The black and blue butterfly came back and landed on the finger. "They're formed from the shadows on the night of the full moon only. It's rare to see one in daylight. They enjoy the darkness better."

"How did you know that?" Hisoka asked, looking at the butterfly. Reiiko grinned.

"There's nothing to do at my apartment. I like animals. Especially foxes, wolves, butterflies, and birds." Reiiko took out something from her pocket. It was a small bowl. She whispered a few words before the bowl was filled with something that was pinkish and looked like snow. She held the butterfly towards it. The kurokage butterfly flew on the edge of the bowl.

"What's that?" Hisoka asked in awe.

"Sweet snow. It's something I invented. They come in different flavors. This one tastes like strawberries. Wanna try?" Reiiko asked. Hisoka looked at her before nodding cautiously. "Open your mouth."

He obeyed and soon closed his mouth over something that was soft and cold but tasted like strawberries. He swallowed and looked at Reiiko who was giggling. "Sorry. Shoulda warned you about that."

Hisoka shrugged, not caring. The sweet snow tasted good. They should sell it at the market. "You should sell it. I'm sure kids will buy them."

The kurokage butterfly flew off and Reiiko made the small bowl disappear. "Ah...I'm not allowed to."

Hisoka frowned. "Why not?"

Reiiko didn't answer, watching the butterfly fly away. "Did you know that butterflies are souls of the people who killed themselves and therefore, can't go to Heaven?"

"What?" Hisoka blinked, confused. The subject had changed so quickly.

"They say that, when you die, the first thing you see is a butterfly."

Flashback Ended

I wonder...if she saw the butterfly as she died.

I looked out the window in boredom. My eyes widen when I noticed that something was outside.

Flying outside my window was a kurokage butterfly.


Things are different now when I walk by
You start to sweat and you don't know why
It gets me nervous but it makes me calm
To see life all around me moving on

Watching the butterfly go towards the sun
I wonder what I will become