- 1 -

I've been told that the rainbow is an oil slick
–That you'll go blind before you reach the end of it.

The sky has turned into a technicolor canvas.
The sky is flooded with technicolor gasoline, and–
the sun is rising.

See how there's a meteor headed towards the earth?
See how it's shaped like your face, and smiling?

- 2 -

The invitation said
Feel free to invite
your significant other

And though you are
significant -
you aren't

- 3 -

Unlove, a glance into my genieless bottle is enough to tell me
It's flown away for good.
Solitary in a crowded room, concentric circles of
bottleless genies
draw close enough to smell each other's perfume,
but not close enough to touch.

Unlove, I remember the time I came over, and a baby bird was fighting for life beneath your window.
The next time I came over, it was dead.
Look at all the maggots crawling beneath its feathers
you said.
It looks like it's still breathing.
I pretended that that didn't disturb me.

Unlove, the hardened Savior behind the counter told me,
I'm sorry, but the cost of spirits has risen too much, and
besides, you already had your chance.

Unlove, my cracked dry tongue is shortening, but I can't keep it down much longer.

Unlove, there are maggots beneath my skin. Sometimes it looks like I'm still breathing.