(The AH! Files )


1. Chiaki Akimoto. Main character of the story. 16 years old. At the start of the story, she and her brother have just arrived from Tokyo a month earlier, having inherited an inn (Arashi, which literally means "Tempest") from their late grandfather. She is cheerful, lighthearted and kind, but those traits have always been overshadowed by her airhead demeanor. Her luxurious, straight, medium-length hair is the color of the sky. She has a graceful build, highlighted by her ruddy skin. But most of the students in her school think of her as a strange girl because of her mysterious, deep-set scarlet eyes. She harbors a great love for mystery, and longs to be a famous detective like her idol, Taiki Endoh. She is a very insightful girl, and can surprisingly deduce logically sequences of many mysterious events. Unfortunately, this talent of hers was never uncovered, because she is seen as a girl who barely has any skills she can be particularly proud of.

2. Riku Horiguchi. The other main character of the story. 17 years old. A young man known for his extreme laziness as well as his high IQ. He has also been known to work with the police in solving cases. Though surrounded by many admirers, he prefers to be left alone. His mysterious aura and powerful mind drew Chiaki to him, and since her meeting with him, she has always followed him everywhere. Riku has round, smoke-gray eyes and a long, straight, milky white hair which is often tied at a high ponytail. His build is very sleek.

4. Naoki Akimoto. 18 years old. Chiaki's overly protective older brother. He always has an eye out for any man within five mile radius of Chiaki. Though a handsome young man, he is a tough fighter, especially when it comes to those who would hurt his little sister. They would definitely become a bloody pulp, five minutes later. He is especially mindful of Riku, and always calls him "Grandpa" because of his white hair. In trying to describe Naoki, "guardian" is the best term you can think of. He has shoulder-length, thick, straight, amethyst hair and a noteably willowy build. His round eyes are jade-colored. Though he may not seem like it, he is one of the few persons who believes in Chiaki's ability.

5. Shun Nakamura. 18 years old. The Akimoto siblings' distant cousin and their first and only tenant so far. He is also Naoki's classmate and closest friend, and has lived with the Akimotos while his own parents worked abroad. Chiaki had grown to love him and see him as another older brother. He is a demure, graceful, and caring gentleman. His good looks are a plus as well, having a lean form as well as wide indigo eyes and short, straight burgundy hair with bangs fetchingly framing his face. He also acts as the Akimotos' cook.

6. Miharu Watanabe. 16 years old. Chiaki's neighbor and first friend. In contrast to Chiaki's outgoing demeanor, Miharu is a shy and quiet young girl. However, she is a great cook and always brings extra food for Chiaki while in school, or even when she visits the inn. Most people would imagine her to be a perfect wife when she grows up. She has beady night-black eyes, and her fine, curly and violet hair is cut short. She has a lithe build and has light-colored skin.

7. Detective Tadahiro Kinjo. 24 years old. The town's local detective and Riku's friend. He often asks Riku's help with the cases he's handling as well as some from outside of town. Although this smiling young man may be as airheaded as Chiaki, he was actually designated as a Chief of STEEL, an international anti-crime organization. Tadahiro, or Hiro-pyon, as fondly called by Chiaki, has hooded eyes the exact color of chocolate and short, straight, azure hair tied up in a ponytail. He has a rather athletic build.

8. Taiki Endoh. 25 years old. A renowned detective in Japan. Chiaki idolizes this young man for his excellent sleuthing skills, and longs to be like him. He has slanted eyes which are beige and sparkle strangely, as well as long, straight golden hair styled in a way reminiscent of a pile of leaves. He has a very sleek build.


English Translation in Italics

Sakura Sake

(Blooming Cherry Trees)


Nigirishimeta te ga nani ka iu

Kakedaseba ma ni au sa to

CONBINI de zasshi tachiyomi shiteta

Kinou no boku ni Bye-Bye

The tightly grasped hand told me something

If we make a dash for it, we should make it in time

I stood reading a magazine in a convenience store

Bye-Bye to the me of yesterday

Hashiridashita machi no oto wa

Kansei no you

The running sound of the city

Sound like a cheer

Sakura sake boku no mune no naka ni

Mebaeta na mo naki yume-tachi

Kurimukuna ushiro niwa asu wa nai kara

Mae wo muke

The cherry trees are blooming in my heart

The nameless sprouting dreams

Don't turn back, because tomorrow is not behind you

Move forward

Ekimae de dareka utatteru

Sore wa kimi no suki na uta

Tooku hanaretemo keshite kienai

Dakara wakare ja nai

Someone is singing in front of the station

It was your favorite song

Even if we are far apart, it will not disappear

So it really isn't goodbye

Itsuka futari nozomu basho de

Meguri aitai

Someday at our favorite place

I want to see you again

Sakura sake kimi no mune no naka de

Yuruteta chiisana tsubomi yo

Makenai you ni kujikenai you ni ima

Utau kara

The cherry trees are blooming in your heart

The small buds waver

So that you wont give up, so that you wont be crushed

I sing

Mirai nante sa sugu ni kawaru

Kaete miseru

The future can change in an instant

I'll change it

"Migi he narae" kara fumidasu kono ippo wo

Butta ten ga wakeru kekka in to you

"Aim to the left" take the first step

Breaking apart at the point of impact, like the yin and the yang

Dakara shittokou ikiru HINT wo

Kasumu shinkirou suramo tsukamu ikioi

So I want to know a hint on living

Grasping the life force of a hazy mirage

Ima makeba tane hana sakasu

Yatta ato iu nara mada wakarunda

Sou sorya jikan nante nowa kakaru

Haru niwa ookina hana wo sakasu

If you sow the seeds now, flowers will bloom

And after all that you still know..

Yes, it's all a matter of time

In the spring great flowers will bloom

Meguri aitai kanarazu

I want to see you again, definitely


Sakura sake boku no mune no naka ni

Mebaeta na mo naki yume-tachi

Kurimukuna ushiro niwa asu wa nai kara

Mae he mae he

The cherry trees are blooming in my heart

The nameless sprouting dreams

Don't turn back, because tomorrow is not behind you

Forward, forward