Too Different

If you leave me here
Alone, I'll disappear
I can't take it, no
I can't go back, I'll go away

Things are different now
You've gone and changed so much
Don't know you anymore
Are you the one I adored?

'Coz I don't know you
I can't remember anything from you
You look absolutely wonderful
But too different to be her

If you stay with me
I know I'll end up dying
I'll let it happen now
Again, I won't look back

Things aren't going my way
Can't take another day
One more and I'll be damned
Cuold you be the one I loved?


I'll sit back and wait
For it to come, the pain
If I feel it again
Then, you're her...

But if I feel again
I know I'll end up alone
I'll disappear