Bane; "I really don't know where this came from; and I truly never wish to know. I thought it up without really thinking about it…" 0.o

A; "Well, it certainly matches your 'odd' case."

Bane; -prodprod-
They just won't seem to get it;

Simple at its best!

That I would choose to leave behind

Redundance…to the rest.


But there they lie;

Confused and lone,

As though I once

Were cliché prone!

(But here I rest this case.)


It's not a foreign language,

This word this lot hath never known!

It starts with 'u' and ends with 'nique',

And with it something new is sewn.


I think you'll find (at last),

Respects all due,

That those you'll meet as odd as me

Are fortunately few!

(And here I rest this case!)