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By the time they were six, Jeffrey and Jesse Eten were hard-core sports fans. They loved anything that involved getting sweaty and running around. They had joined a baseball team one year, and a basketball team the following year, and volleyball the year after that. Each year they would try a new sport, and then they would immediately fall in love with it.

At the age of sixteen, the boys' love for sports had not dwindled a bit; in fact, it had increased. Along with their competitive streak. As everyone around them grew to know the Eten boys' dog-eat-dog philosophy, the boys themselves had no idea that everything they did was to spite the other.

Jeff Eten was older by ten minutes. He looked every bit the older one at five feet ten inches, which strong, buff muscles and a heart-shaped face. He had grown his dirty blonde hair two inches past his earlobes. His usual type of clothing consisted of baggy jeans and shirts with fancy logos.

Jesse Eten was shorter than his older brother by three inches, and his muscles were wiry and he looked very much underfed. His face, almost the exact image of his brother's, held dark hazel eyes that contrasted his brother's light hazel ones. His hair, if a bit lighter than Jeff's, was short and spiked carefully on the top of his head. The younger brother most preferred clothes that expressed what he was feeling, not clothes that were 'in'. Which was why he could be seen wearing dark colors one day to show his depression or sadness, and bright, light colors the next day to show his happiness.

Subconsciously, the boys were struggling with one another. They hated being compared to the other, yet they never showed it, never acknowledged the fact. And to deal with this internal problem of theirs, they battled it out in sports.

The first sign of trouble was when the twins were ten and they had joined a football team. On their final game of the season, their Aunt Marcy had come to visit their mother. Upon greeting them, she had mistaken Jeff for Jesse, but Jeff had said it was okay when she apologized. Then, during the last ten minutes of the game, Jeff, who had been disturbingly aggressive throughout the game, ran right into his brother, who had the ball. Jesse had been pushed to the ground, Jeff falling to the ground on top of him, landing unceremoniously on Jesse's leg. Jeff, being the bigger, bulkier brother he was, had broken his brother's leg.

Jesse, had, of course, said it was okay and that Jeff had meant no harm, but everyone else at the game had said otherwise. They had seen the way Jeff had toppled his brother. They had seen the aggressive streak that was prominent in Jeff that day, and they had all thought it was no such accident.

After that event, Jeff had told his brother that they should always be on different teams, to make things interesting by having them pitted against each other. Jesse, being as naive as he was a good sports player, had agreed, thinking it was for the better. But it wasn't.

Through the next couple of years, whenever the twins' teams faced each other, Jeff would show his aggressive side and try to lead his team in victory over his brother's team. But with each time Jesse's team accumulated another win, it sent Jeff into silent rage, and he proceeded to bash his brother to the ground several times throughout the games they played, claiming it was an accident.

It was when the boys entered high school that their parents had thought it better they go to different schools. So they got Jesse to pass the exam for an elite private school while they sent Jeff to the local high school. And it was in their tenth year of school that their internal problem became more apparent to everyone around them.

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