Date: June 8, 2004

No: Episode 1!

Heero: Uh…(whispering) my head…it hurts…(he hears a voice) iie…iie…iie!!

Voice: HaHahahaha! (laughing)

Heero: (holding his head…) Aaah! (shouts&faints)

Voice: Hahahahaha! (laughing)

Heero: …Iie…

(The next day…)

Cloe: (yawns…) Ohayo…(phone rings…she picks up the phone…) hello?

Seiichiro: Ohayo Cloe!

Cloe: Sei-kun! !!

Seiichiro: Heh…

Cloe: So what's up? !

Seiichiro: It's Megumi's birthday today!! !

Cloe: Nahi?!

Seiichiro: And Hibiki's having a party just for her!

Cloe: How sweet…

Seiichiro: And guess what? All of us are invited!

Cloe: Great! !

Seiichiro: Ssso get yourself ready & fixed & come over to my house before heading off for Hibiki's okey? And don't forget to prepare a gift for Megumi!

Cloe: Okey bye! (puts the phone down…)… now what should I give hmmm… Ah I got it! A dress I guess, to wear at the party to look great for Hibiki! Heheh… a blue one of course but not dark blue (flies to the mall…) let's see… ah this one is perfect! Heh… (flies back home)… now to just get it wrapped…… there and it's done now to write to whom and from whom…






P.S. Pls. use this at Hibiki's party!

Okay! THANKS! (!!)

There done! Now to get fixed of to Sei-kun! (sends the gift & flies off to Seiichiro…)

Date: June 11, 2004

No: Episode 1!

(When Nic got to Seiichiro's house…)

Cloe: Excuse me, (knocking)

Cloe: Who's there?

Cloe: It's your best buddy Nic!

Cloe: Come on in!

Cloe: Arigato! (She was copying Koji from Fushigi Yugi(Curious/ Mysterious Play) when he met Taski and was sooo happy!) !

Seiichiro: (opens the door) Cloe you're so fast…

Cloe: Of course!

Seiichiro: Anyway thanks for coming to fetch me hehe(laughs)

Cloe: Very funny…

Seiichiro: Well then let's go! ! (So Nic and Seiichiro headed off for Hibiki's house… they were already above the house when suddenly…)

Seiichiro: Let's not land yet. (flying with Nic)

Cloe: Naze? (flying with Sei-kun)

Seiichiro: You'll see, you'll see just watch!

Cloe: Ho… (heaved a sigh…)

Seiichiro: There she is!

Cloe: Huh?! Where?!?

Seiichiro: Megumi! (waving)

Megumi: Huh? (looks up) Seiichiro?

Seiichiro: Hehe… nice dress you've got there, so whose it from?

Megumi: Cloe, she gave it to me for my birthday.

Seiichiro: Darn it! She was the first! (Nakakainis naman naunahan ako!) kuso! (whispered to himself) Ho… Oh well here you are Megumi here's my present…(he uses his element to make a sign in the sky above Hibiki's house that says:



Date: June 17, 2004

No: Episode 1!

Megumi: (she smiles and giggles) Arigato Sei-kun.

Juno: Cloe! !

Cloe: Juno!

Seiichiro: Cloe you lost your concentration! You accidentally let goooo! (falling down) (thug! He reaches the ground with a great thug!) Teme…Cloe!

Cloe: Gomene Sei-kun! (continues chatting with Juno…) (both of them are acting like Miaka and Nuriko when Miaka got back from her world).

Jun: Ho… (heaved a sigh…)

Aery: Oh well…

(suddenly the door opens)

Hibiki: (sticks his head out…) come on in you guys, you can't stay outside all day you know. And plus we still have a birthday to celebrate hurry up come on in. Maiye & Minugi are already inside come on! Oh Megumi nice dress you've got there, I love it! ! You're a true beauty. Even if you wear simple clothes you are still a beauty to me! You're the best & the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! Hehe…! (blushing…)

Megumi: Oh Hibi, you're too much… (blushing)

Cloe: Hehe…

Seiichiro: Nice plan Nic. (whispering to Nic)

Cloe: I'm a genius ain't I? (whispering too to Sei-kun)

(they all went inside…) (inside…)

Seiichiro: (sees food…) Food!!!! (runs and eats right away…)

Cloe: Food? Where?!? (sees the food) Oh there's the food! Wait for me Sei-kun; I want to eat too you know! (charges to the food and eats…) Mmmm this is sssoooo good! Are you sure you cooked this Hibi? Cause it's sooo good mmmm!

Hibiki: Heheh… um… I did ehe… I guess my skills improved heh…

Seiichiro: Just because it's for Megumi your skills suddenly improved hmmm?

Date: June 22, 2004

No: Episode 1!

Hibiki: Sei-kun! (blushing)

Maiye: Um… Nic, don't you guys have any manners?

Seiichiro: What Manners? (still eating)

Maiye: Table manners, like not eating from the buffet table.

Cloe: Oh… ehe… (stops eating) I see… ehe… (takes a plate and fills it up & eats on a table…)

Seiichiro: Mmmm!! This is sooo good!! ! (still eating from the buffet table…)

Maiye: Seiichiro?

Seiichiro: Oh… ehe… (took a plate & filled it up & joins Nic…)

Maiye: ho…

Juno: Where's Aki?

Cloe & Seiichiro: I don't know (eats again…)

Minugi: ho…

(suddenly the whole house started burning…)

Heero: hmp. come on let's go.

Reise: Gomennasai Heero, demo I'll stay, don't worry.

Heero: If you say so (leaves…)

Cloe: Aaah! (almost got burned)

Reise: Cloe! (pulls Cloe away from the flames…) Let's go!

Cloe: Food!! Food! Food! Food!!!! (being dragged away by Reise)

Jun: ho… (hits Nic's head) better…

Cloe: …Food…

(they all went outside along with Minugi and Aery)

Megumi: Watery!

Hibiki: Let's go! (holds Megumi's hand…)

Juno: Aaah! Onichang! Tasukete!! Onichang!! (she is surrounded by flames…)

Megumi: Juno!

Hibiki: (tightens his grip) She is surrounded by flames!

Megumi: Demo… grrr… maelstrom!!

(suddenly Mokona takes Juno, before the maelstrom hits & leaves bringing Juno fainted…)

(outside not far from the house…)

Heero: Let's go.

Mokona: o. (looking back…)

(both of them leaves…)

Date: July 1, 2004

No: Episode 1!

(back inside…)

Megumi: Juno!?! (looks around) Juno! Juno!!... Juno!!

Jun: (runs inside & looks around for any signs of Juno…) … Juno… (runs outside and angry…)

Hibiki: Jun! (turns…)


Vince: Wow love it! !

Nic: And it's just the first episode!

Vince: Anyway we hope you liked it! !

Nic: More fun & excitement, until next time!

Vince: Bye!

Nic: Don't forget to give a comment!! !

Both: Bye!!

Seiichiro: For now…!



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