I watched someone collapse in class today
His eyes were closed, his freckles were gray
Glasses askew and jaw aslack
He was half on his side, half on his back
Five people noticed - he was in the back of class
No one really reacted very fast
It took little time for me to return to work
(Because this guy was always a bit berserk)
The teacher was called over, and came to his side
While his group looked on, content to abide
I looked from my outline: all was not well
The teacher ran from the phone to back where he fell
She pushed him straight, with difficulty he rolled
His arms were heavy and his moist tongue lolled
I felt a frown pass over my features
As in rushed the nurse and two more teachers
The class was silent, quietly observing
Waiting to tell their friends this sight most unnerving
Moments later, Nurse rose to her feet and tried not to cry
Then I realized that, without emotion, I had watched someone die

Author's Note: ... I really have no idea where this came from. A product of fifteen spare minutes in sixth period.