The girl I cannot be.

All I can ever be is me.

But you want the girl I cannot be;

The girl who doesn't worry when you don't answer the phone,

The girl who loves being home alone,

The girl who gets scared during horror games,

The girl who always feels the same.

I am sorry that's what I cannot be,

But sometimes I'm consumed in jealousy.

I hate to think of you looking at someone else.

I have an unstable mental health.

I love to talk to you every day.

I wish you knew, at times, the right thing to say.

I love to brag about scholarships I've received,

But the truth is, I never want to leave.
Why spend what little time left we have bickering?

Blowing on a candle that is flickering.

Do you believe we can last much longer?

I cannot act much stronger.

You just seem to be pushing me away

Even though I told you I want to stay

And every time you push it hurts a little more

I don't want to know what's in store.

I cannot pretend that I'm not scared

You're the only one to whom the real me was bared

I cannot pretend it doesn't kill

Making me hurt is definitely a skill

But I cannot pretend that I don't love you

You're the only thing that still gets me through

Please still love me the way that I am

I'm sorry I can't be your perfect woman

I hope you accept me, all of me

I can try to change, and try to be….

Closer to that one girl you want

Anything to keep you.