Looking For A Leprechan

By:Andrew Troy Keller

I had came to Ireland to do something

That may or may not be living

Among the Irish populance--a leprechan.

Now,I know that a creature like a leprechan

Could only exsist in a fantasy-type thing,

But as long as there are reports

Of people who claim to see a being of sorts

That wears a green hat and carries with him

a pot filled with gold,I've called Tim

And said that I'll follow those reports

Until I finally find that little guy

And find out what he really is and why

He keeps on teasing any human being

That he encounters with some gold thing,

Causing them to try to ctach the little guy.

But instead of finding that little green

Guy,I've bumped into someone who I had seen

Looking for him as well.

She's such an Irish beauty and I could tell

That she sees me as someone so keen.