The Truth

- - -

So much to think about,

So much to say,

Without making you mad,

I try and try to delay,

But there are some things you need to hear,

Not just for you,

The truth,

But for me too,

The truth,

I need to let it all go,

But it's hard sometimes,

Though you wouldn't know.

I'm not trying to treat you like a child,

But sometimes you need to be,

You may not want to,

But there are some things you don't want to see,

You try to deny it all,

That way you won't be to blame,

But you know better than that,

It's such a shame…

You always say,

That I don't understand,

That I don't go through the same thing,

So I left you to sink in the sand,

Then I try to make up for it,

And I try,

To say that you can be trusted, depended on,

But all of that's now about to die…

You're drowning,

Trying to swim faster and faster to land,

But that only gets you further away,

No one's there to give you a hand,

You say we all treat you like a child,

So we all left you to swim on your own,

We thought you'd make the right decision,

But no, we can't let you do that alone,

You need someone to set the boundaries,

Someone to wait and wait,

To see if you can make it by yourself,

Your failure you even hate…

Yeah, this is the truth,

I think you can do better and try more,

But the truth,

You can't do that anymore,

You push us farther away, you don't need our help,

But you're drowning in the sand,

I try, I really do,

But I can't catch your hand,

Because I'm too far away from you,

You pushed me too far,

But then once you're alone,

You finally realize where you are,

A place of nothing,

But where you and the dark are complete,

Nothing but pure darkness, nothing,

But lies and defeat…

You wanted the truth,

And that's all I said,

You don't realize it,

But my trust in you is dead.