Long Way To Go

Chapter 1: Spotlight

Crying out to whomever hears is the effect on one who seems lost in the world's stereotypes and can't seem to let go of that idea. It is who we are that helps define our happiness but society has overruled the common man so they cast judgments that others will accept as to be the truth. We are human and we stick to what we want to hear. It's only human nature to do so. We hate change. We despise it. As much as one thinks they don't they just have to wait until that one certain alteration to come along to evaluate their actual standpoint. So what about the grander things in life? Do we have to subject to certain limitations so we can avoid negative feedback? Do we have to let go of ourselves to be accepted into the world? Why must we be questioned when it comes to our personal choices? True happiness isn't enough for some people. Neither is true love when seen from the outside. What happened to "love has no limitations"? Why can't man just accept that?

Even the most open-minded person can't ignore the struggles of actually being open to their options. Staying on the safe side is always effective to most but what if it's not the best. Ada would have to learn that the hard way. Many times before she had to realize her position in society. Now I guess the Lord will give her the ultimate test this time around. Would she be part of the "normal" society or would she follow not only what her heart feels, but what she believes in her mind?

Charming, attractive, spunky, and intelligent. Everything a young woman going through puberty and wants to be noticed strives to be. Sadly they usually go about it the wrong way. Ada was fortunate enough to not even worry about these types of matters because she already was.

"Ada, you're so crazy!". One of the many girls whom Ada talked to seemed to be entertained by Ada's constant act of stupidity, dancing around the cafeteria. She danced for the amusement. She laughed and playfully shoved Ada as she continued to laughed with everyone else around her. Ada gained many "fans" by this. They adored her weird sense of humor and ability to not be so serious. Even more so, her unquestioning "exotic girl next door innocence" many guys, and girls, claimed she possessed. People loved her uniqueness. Though maybe her just being African-American, or what she called "Afro-American", and being drawn into so many different things set her apart. Being smart didn't hurt her image either. Always keeping above a 3.5 GPA helped her gain respect from her peers. To many, Ada is always the happy one you can always count on for a good laugh or a compassionate confidante. Ada didn't always have it this easy…she still doesn't.

Across the cafeteria from the loud, vivacious groups were mostly the ones who kept to themselves. The ones who didn't really do to much to get them noticed by the majority of the school. The JROTC kids, the rambunctious band geeks, along with the not-so-stereotypical nerds, but still nerds in the same sense as them being overly concerned with school work. Paving away at his work and trying to keep out of the way of people's gazes was his mission. Unfortunately for Ciaran that wasn't going to happened. A 6'3 Asian isn't something you just can ignore. Many mistake him as being Asian because of his looks and the characteristics many believe Asians own, but he's only half. He's still Asian as far as they're concerned. Shying away from the public is his specialty. Never do you hear his name in the words people spoke, nor do many know him to begin with. One could say he has a issue with words, communicating with others, but who could blame him? Not everything in his life was full of dark memories but they were still far from peachy-keen.

"Hey, I got to go. I'll see you guys later."

Still if you pay attention, you always see him, arising from the table in the cafeteria and going to wherever he chooses. Unnoticeable to most but mysterious to the few who do. Crossing the paths of him would create a cold feeling. Dressed in black tees and dark denim jeans, not your detached Goth nor your usual secluded emo. Not a loner, but still by far could be categorized as one for his remoteness towards people. He was definitely an individual. Even as an individual, everyone has their secrets. He just happens to have one that could change him…and a whole cluster of people.

The bell rang. Everyone departed from their groups, or "cliques", and began to walk their way to their homerooms for the first day of the school year. People pushing and shoving, brushing up against each other, getting lost between the crowded hallways while the dean monitored their actions. It was a complete chaos. The hallways seemed long and wide, as sea of "eager" students filled the spaces. The white walls didn't help either. Ada, being the new face was slowly slithering herself between the busy bodies. Finally pushing her way out, she was finally glad she escaped that stampede. Though when she glanced above her head, she wanted to get back in the stampede.


Ada felt so confused. How could she not recognize all the extremely tall guys and dolled-up girls who you knew wanted to rush through this year up? They looked at her oddly. It was a tradition not to enter the senior halls if you really had no business being there. The seniors took the simpleminded idea to their heads, just to boost their own sense of belonging at the school. Before she even checked out her surrounding, the spotlight was aimed at her. The guys eyed her body up and down while the females whispered within each other's ears. She felt awkward as all eyes were on her so she turned around and started walking the other direction. Without paying attention and her gaze focused on the tiled floor, she bumped into someone. Her head jerked back a tad and she jumped back from them. She finally looked up with a pissed off glare but soon that glare turned into a stare. It was a guy, but not just anyone…

"Oops, I'm so sorry. My bad…"

He laughed and smiled at Ada in such a soft way, she didn't feel uncomfortable anymore. Tall and adorable. Brownish blonde hair, bangs coming into his eyes and the back a little above his shoulders. Slightly tanned skin to perfection. He was something to be adored.

"Don't worry about it, I'm just as lost as you are. Where are you headed?" He pretended to dust himself while he awaited her response. She scrambled through her folder filled with school registration papers looking for her list of classes. She laughed and tried to stall him while she began to panic.

"Ha...um…well I'd tell you if I knew what or where it was. Okay?"

"Wow, getting smart with me and I don't even know you? Bold one aren't you?"

"Am I supposed to be scared of you? Is their something I'm missing here?" She looked up a gave him a smirk then rolled her big, bright brown eyes to play with his emotions.

"We keep going back with all these questions and none are being answered. So here's a reasonable one you can answer without any debate. What's your name?" He gave her a friendly nudge against her arm. She pulled out her schedule and put it directly in front his face. Squinting his eyes to identify the letters, he nodded and stepped back from the yellow sheet.

"Ada, huh? A sophomore too? Well that's just splendid 'cause I'm one too! Oh yeah and I'm Kyle. Seems like we've got the same homeroom!" He laughed as though he had plotted this to happen.

"Oh joy," with much lack of enthusiasm, "are you gonna ask me more questions?"

"Only if you don't go all 'ghetto' on me."

What is this guy's problem?

She laughed because she knew he was naïve in his thoughts about people of her race. Seems like no one has let go of that stereotype. She let go of it though and started walking with him towards their class. It wasn't even lunch yet and she encountered racial judgment. Funny thing is she thought moving from one environment to another would be pleasant…when it only creates more dilemmas.

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