Long Way To Go

Chapter 4: More Than Words Part 2

The days prior to the talent show went by faster than the sweet childhood years you once knew. Before the students and faculty knew it the biggest event of the school year was about to happen tonight, besides Exodus, the last dance of the school year. Flyers plastered on every wall, window and any other surface where they could place the multicolored advertisements. People already during the school hours were talking non-stop about the acts they heard that we're going to perform. That's all you heard the rest of the day. The students either already casting their votes on their buddies or the teachers discussing the nature of the talent show. Contrary to belief, Legacy High held a vastly large group talented people at their campus, more than you'd believe. There was so much excitement that the pressure to put on best show that Legacy High has ever witnessed was higher than ever. The anticipation ran thin as the clock ticked on.

During the lunch hours, the talent show committee was out selling tickets and promoting the show as well. It seemed like hundreds of students rushed to the small booths holding the tickets to let them enter the show of the year. Ada's eyes grew large as the consumers were shouting out the number of tickets they wanted.

"I'll take 5!" said a random girl to Ada as she handed her two twenties and a ten dollar bill.

Ada grabbed the money and without saying anything gave the girl her tickets and watched her skip off and hand her friends the four tickets as she kept one for herself. More people came, more sighs, moans, and groans came right behind it. Everyone working at the booth was exhausted by the end of the lunch period and sluggishly got up, grabbing the metal box containing the huge amount of money they just made in under thirty minutes. As everyone was walking away the foursome trailed slowly behind.

"Man, why did everyone have to try and buy their tickets all at once?!" Lynette was always one to complain.

Miranda opened the box and admired their hard work and the money. "I don't know, but we sure did make a lot of money. I mean come on! More than three hundred bucks?! Just imagine when some of the people have to pay at the door and at the next lunch period!"

Everyone rushed to the open container, looked in, nodded and grinned at the lovely dollar bills. Though, one of the four wasn't completely themselves, especially on a day like this where everyone seemed to be thrilled. Even surprisingly the emo kids. Tyra noticed her usually hyperactive and animated buddy was looking quite low. She slowed down and let Lynette and Miranda pass her by as she waited for Ada to catch up. Finally getting next to her gloomy friend, she swung her bare arm around Ada's shoulders and squeezed close to her.

"What's up, girl? Why are so quiet lately? What happened to my happy-go-lucky girl who always made me laugh. I miss her, ya know?"

"Well she's not here right now. You want to leave a message?"

With that said, Ada shrugged her shoulder aggressively knocking Tyra's arm back to her side. Not wanting to create anymore animosity between the two, Tyra left it alone. Ada's past was killing her pride and esteem quietly as it once did before but being the unemotional person she is, she didn't let her sensitivity show as it was a sign of weakness to her. Sometimes she wanted to cry but it took much consideration to let herself go like that. She didn't want to feel vulnerable again.

Ada and Tyra walked quietly down the empty hallways to the theater room, not a word said. Randomly, Tyra accidentally dropped the lists of the acts on the floor. The sheets floated, carried and landed next to the feet of the low-spirited young woman beside her. Ada, trying not be a complete jackass, decided to be polite and pick up the sheets. As she picked them up and scanned the names of the performers she noticed a name she had not recognized before. It read Ciaran. She quickly grabbed Tyra's arm and pulled her to herself as she pointed at the mysterious name. Tyra's facial expression were far beyond stunned.

"Who is this? I don't know him…"

Ada finally let go and set Tyra free from her claws.

"Oh, its some senior dude Miranda and Lynette said. Some really tall Asian looking guy I guess."

Ada stopped dead in her tracks. The characteristics of a tall Asian guy in her school were very slim and she only knew of one. Him.

Her dark demeanor suddenly vanished and a heavenly glow overtook her.

"Could it really be him?! Is he really performing?! Singing and playing the guitar?!" she thought. It'd been weeks since she last saw him and she thought her first time was her last time seeing him. She could barely contain herself. Just thinking about him sent a fire through her body and this warm intense feeling cannot easily disappear. A stranger never made her feel so anxious and nervous before and she could feel her heart beating ten times faster than it should while a shiver ran down her spine. Not to mention the singing and guitar added another level of sexiness she never would've guess he obtained

Tyra saw her Ada dramatically change into this giddy little child, the vivacious girl she once knew but something was different. A little weird in some cases. Her eyes twinkled like a pair of diamonds. That was something she hadn't seen often, rarely almost. Tyra then knew Ada had something going on with a certain someone, but kept quiet. She just smiled with joy as her friend frantically stared at the same page, the same name, until they reached the theater room. She was just happy the original Ada was back in full effect.

Inside the theater everyone rushed to their stations to set up lights and get the technical duties in tact. All the performers sat in the front row according to act. Everyone from all sorts of dancers, to singers, bands, poets, everyone was there. Ciaran sat the with a continuous shaking of the leg, which commonly translates into nervousness. Scanning the room of all the talents, people still practicing their vocal ranges or dance routine, he knew he didn't stand a chance. Making a statement was his real goal and hopefully reaching that certain someone he had his eyes on for a month now. He prayed that he would be heard by her and at least be acknowledged. Yet, he knew it was a stretch but he decided to stay optimistic. It was the only thing he had left.

A loud screech was sounded through the entire theater while everyone cringed at the painful echoes. A not so pleasant voice came soon right after. "Act number seven! Act number seven please report to the stage! Your turn is next!"

Ciaran got up and walked up the rickety staircases to the matching rickety stage. A little black stool stood dead center in the middle of the stage. Lights were so bright he could barely see the seats in the theater. Concentrating on finishing his rehearsal he sat on the stool and propped up his guitar in the proper manner. He begun to tune his guitar while the crew awaited his approval of the lights he requested.

While that happened, Ada and Tyra walked through the back door of the theater which was located behind the stage only separated by a slightly thin wall. Miranda and Lynette greeted them with yells.

"Where the hell were you two?! We're already at the seventh act! Shit, what were you doing? Dancing in the hallways again?!"

As Lynette shouted, Ada ignored her and walked right passed her and Miranda to the curtain with a smile to go along with it. They all stood dumbfounded but Tyra knew what was going on. Lynette rolled her eyes and looked back at Tyra with the know-it-all stance she had gotten down to perfection.

"Anyway…what's up with her? Why she all happy now?"

Tyra just shrugged, snickered and walked to the curtain right next to Ada. Lynette once again rolled her eyes as she dragged Miranda along to another room against her own free will.

Ada quietly watched and admired the specimen that was sitting on the stool on the stage. Even though she was watching him from behind that didn't stop her imagination. She watched his fingers twist and move around his guitar in such a smooth notion she began to imagine those fingers on her body, caressing her ever so gently. A wave of sensuality crashed into her soul. This feeling was far from infatuation or lust as far as she was concerned. Let anyone dare say a crush because her liking him was far more powerful than a puppy dog romance. She decided to leave her fascination of him undecided.

As he was tuning his guitar a group of guys walked on stage. They stood around him as if they were about to ambush him. One stepped up and smirked at Ciaran. His bandana wrapped around his head in classic Tupac fashion with a Nets cap tilted to the side. You could definitely tell he was a poser. He stood no taller than five feet and eighth inches with creamy white skin with his half beaten Air Force Ones. Ciaran sat there calm, knowing he could kill him if he wanted.

"Why are you even performin'? Aren't you that loner dude who like doesn't talk and some shit and now you're about to sing? What happened? Is the world about to end or somethin because I sho' know no one told me."

His group of wannabes laughed as they stood there, trying to look tough. Ciaran still sat on his stool, remained silent and continued to tune his guitar as he was previously doing before those jerks had gotten there. Then the "leader" did the wrong thing. He slightly pushed him against his shoulder to get his attention.

"What the fuck is your problem!?", then he laughed, "You no hear me?!" That racial stereotype was the last thing Ciaran needed to hear and that set him off. Everyone in the group started to laugh and taunt him but soon after he was about to lose his control. He put down his guitar, stood up erect and pressed again the guy while everyone else backed up with fear in their faces. Ciaran's hair fell into his eyes, his dark slanted eyes piercing through his strands of jet black hair at his opponent.

"You got something else to say asshole or you gonna shut your wannabe black ass up? Or am I gonna have to assist you with that?"

The guy stepped back and they all hurried off the stage without a word said.

"I thought so…"

Ciaran then sits back down but not before he heard a feminine chuckle behind the curtains. He turned around and there she was. The angelic face, he presumed, of the girl who he was dreaming about for months on end was looking at him. Her eyes beamed directly into his as did his, as a connection was made. He couldn't stop looking and soon after a smile formed on his face as the tension was sent away. As they were smiling at one another as Tyra looked at him and then at her lovesick Ada. It was evident that Ada had feelings for the young man who just proved his aggressiveness and valor quite well. It seemed her friend had fallen in "deep like" as they referred when they were afraid too say the word love, since its such a strong word. Tyra couldn't hold it any longer. As Ciaran got up to exit the stage he walked off still staring at her. Ada was lost in his daze but soon snatched out of it when Tyra grabbed her and pulled her away from the curtains.

"Ada, be honest with me. Are you feelin' that guy out there or somethin?"

Ada tried to play it off and laughed as though Tyra was talking nonsense.

"What are you talking about!? Nah I don't like that boy."

"Don't lie to me! I know you have some kind of feelings for him. You guys were smiling at each other and everything. What's up with that?"

Ada played the dumb move on Tyra.

"Huh-wha-what?! Tyra you're on crack because I don't know what you're talking about. I was laughing because how he told that dude off."

"But Ada you-"

Ada knew what she was going to ask and interrupted before she could belt out the million dollar question and began to walk off in the direction of Miranda and Lynette.

"Hey, I'll talk to you later okay! They need me with the decorations!"

Miranda stood at the door as Ada gave her a huge smile and walked in. Miranda and Tyra looked at each other and they knew something or more likely, someone had gotten to Ada…and that's rare.

A.N. Wow…I know a lot of you hate me. Well, not hate me(hate's such a strong word) but disappointed in me. Believe me, I'm more ashamed of myself than you could believe. I've had a lot of hopes for this story but other stories I'm creating and things in my life have gotten in the way of that and my creative activity towards this story. Don't worry, its still alive. This story has a lot of twists and turns I want to get to but the really good stuff isn't until later on. So stay with me please I appreciate those who enjoy this story and my work in general!