"These are not Horns!"

It was a balmy midsummer day. In the forest, the trees hung from overexposure to the burning suns. The waterfall close to the trail was pouring a steady stream of cool water a hundred feet down into the small lake. A young woman lay nude on a large rock in the center of the pool. Her long ears twitched slightly. Someone or something was approaching. She looked around. A huge splash shattered the water as some great form dove in head first. She looked over the rock cautiously to see if she could see it. Just then, a noise from the brush was heard.

The woman crouched low on the rock. A large armored knight crashed through the brush. His armor was adorned with dragon skin, and horns and teeth on the helmet. He looked around nervously, wielding a huge sword in both hands. He looked to the rock and saw the woman.

"You!" He accused, with a resonating voice, filled with a coldness. "you are the dragon?"

The woman was flabbergasted. Dragon? So that was what she saw dive into the water.

"Nay brave Knight, but I did see something splash into this pool" She leaned over and looked down in again. She could see a hint of red in the water. The knight's callous empty eyes narrowed. He walked to the shore. He looked in.

"How can I get it out?" he asked suddenly. She shrugged, what did she know about dragons? "You must know something?" She shook her head. "You are a creature of the woods are you not?"

"No…why do you say that?"

"Your horns"

She suddenly was hugely upset. "These are not horns!" she yelled as she caressed them gently. "These are ears!" The knight shrugged. Just then, he was able to coax out the hiding dragon.

It burst through the water in a volcanic explosion. It's deep ruby scales reflecting the sunlight into the knight's and woman's eyes, causing it's outline to become darkened and all the more glorious. It roared one great roar of triumph. It began to suck in air. A deep breath rolling it's head back.

The knight yelled out above the deafening intake "I, Kyron of Magellek, will slay you beast!" And with that, he hurled his great sword. It spun in the air, flying as if it was being pulled. It bit deep into the dragons neck, tearing it's esophagus and trachea. Flames burst from it's neck as it rolled back into the pool. It sank slowly at first, not willingly going under. But after death's cold hands were squeezing, it slipped under water, leaving only a red tint in the once blue water.

The woman was impressed. With one mighty hurl this man had the power to slay dragons. She dove into the water, feeling it safe now, and swam to the shore. She walked briskly up to him, her body dripping of water. He watched a bead of water roll down her cheek, drop onto her chest and roll through her cleavage. The drop then rolled down farther, but something took him away.

"You are very impressive sir Knight. Is there anything I can give to you to show my appreciation?" she said with a raised eyebrow and self-caressing hand. The knight didn't seem impressed however, and he just stood still. "May I see your face?" she cooed.

"if that is what you wish, lady. Remember, that you have nothing to fear" he let the warning fade as she reached up to his helmet. She unclipped the bottom strap and slid the helmet off. There, staring into her eyes, was a skull, containing two burning red lights for eyes, and a somehow evil grin.