This poem was inspired by a Celldweller song. The first in a series-like set of three poems.

To Kill A Son

The war rages on.
The men fall to the ground
Run through by spears and sword
Or felled by the dark magic.

The battle is lost
and we retreat with the
dead, dying and injured.

This city, so beautiful and shining
This city of the free,
The peaceful and a land
Of greatness.

Yet a dark force threatens this
Beautiful land, a force from the east
Has arisen with the Banished
And advances for us.

This war has been fought
For a long time.
Too long.
Yet the end is not in sight.

They are winning. With each battle
They gain more ground
And come ever closer
To taking away what is most precious.

I love my country.
I have fought this war
And led the troops.
It is I who have

The painful task
of telling mothers
That their sons
Will never return.

I have come so close
To vaniquishing the evil one.
I could have run my sword
Through him and ended this nightmare.

But I cannot
For this man who seeks
To destroy all we have known,
All we cherish --

He is closer to me than
Anyone can ever know.
This war has raged on
For so long for one reason alone:

I cannot bring myself
To kill my own son.