The second in a series-sort of poems. The previous one is To Kill A Son. The series was inspired by a song by Celldweller. Enjoy.

A Long Time Ago

We were close,
A long time ago.
We would run through the fields,
Shouting and laughing.

That was a long time ago.

I remember playing with our
Toy swords, and dreaming
Of grand adventures and
Victory on the battlefield,

A long time ago.

Now we're not in a game anymore.
This war is real, very real.
People die in this war.
There is no glorious victory, not like

A long time ago.

I miss you as I raise my sword
High to the lad the men into
Battle. I think of you, how
Glad you would've been to defend our country --

-- But that was a long time ago.

Now you're the evil we must fight.
You're the new terror we
Must defeat. It is you we must kill,
Since the war started

A long time ago.

Oh brother, what have you done?
Why did you take this path?
Why did you choose this?
I asked myself that

A long time ago.

I wonder sometimes, when
I remember running through fields,
Spars with our toy swords
And dreams of a grand victory --

So very long ago.