The last of three parts in a mini-series of sorts, about two brothers and their father. The previous installments are To Kill A Son and A Long Time Ago.


I was always different.
I was never like anyone else;
I pretended to be, but I knew
I was destined for something greater.

I never looked like any of my family.
They say my mother coupled with the Devil
To produce a hellspawn, something strange
And eviller than other demons -- different.

Brother, did you ever know?
You were my close companion.
You were my best friend.
Did you ever know I was different

From you, even though we were
Related by blood? Did you know
That I was not meant to be the
Same as you?

Father, did you ever see?
You never payed attention to us,
Only when you wanted to make
Us into soldiers, into great

Generals like you. Did you know
What Fate had in store for
Me? Did you know it would
Be so different from what you had planned?

This is a war I must fight.
This is the path I have chosen.
I cannot, will not be,
Sorry for this.

But oh, there are times
When I just wish
That everything was